Announcing the Release of Presentation Plugin for Adobe XD

Your design has a story to tell

The inspiration to build this tool came from years of experience as designers spending countless hours building decks to explain design decisions. Presentation is a powerful new plugin for Adobe XD that makes presenting design work easy and beautiful, all within a design tool. You can pick from professionally designed themes, slides and elements right within XD to speed up and enhance presentation making. Teams (designers and non-designers alike) can also work on decks together, adding design, product vision, roadmaps, and other project updates. Finally, there’s a presentation tool for designers.

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Pick from beautiful themes with the freedom to customize

Presentation offers a gallery of custom-crafted templates to inspire your presentation. They’re fully customizable, professionally designed, and easy to use. Each theme comes with its own unique style including font family, color palette, layout, photography, and more.

Tell your story with a variety of well-structured slides

The heart of every presentation is the collection of slide templates you can pick from to share your vision. Each theme comes with a large variety of slides curated specifically for designers and crafted to add your assets to XD and keep every presentation elegantly consistent.

Get visual with a collection of vector-based elements

If slides are the heart of a presentation, elements are the bones it is built on top of. Try to imagine a presentation app that has beautiful icons, shapes, photography, illustrations, and charts. Now imagine that you’ll never have to go hunting endlessly online for these visuals again!

Watch an overview video

Watch this great overview video by Howard Pinsky:

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Presentation is one of three XD plugins in the Modular suite of Adobe XD. Modular plugins help to connect the dots from collaborative ideation to rapid screen design to final presentation. Modular plugins allow seamless designer workflow in a single app — Adobe XD. Other Modular plugins include Whiteboard and Quick Mockup.

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