Changing the Tag Management Game with Adobe Launch

The digital marketing universe is a beautiful kaleidoscope of possibilities. Marketers implement services and tools from a wide range of companies across their digital properties, from simple pixels to complex application implementations. These tools give us the ability to add to a customer’s experience or collect specific information — but there’s one catch. All of them need to be set up, configured, and rolled out to be effective. And that can be a challenging process for overstretched front-end development teams.

Adobe has offered Dynamic Tag Management free to customers for over four years, but now, with the advent of Adobe Launch, customers have a much more open, powerful, and flexible toolset than before. It’s a platform that not only makes complex things easier, but it lets customers and partners extend the platform’s capabilities to fit their exact needs.

Adobe Launch is built on a new set of powerful APIs that lets you programmatically implement tags across a site or set of web properties. There’s a new, modern user interface to get you up and running quickly, a new way to enhance and customize the system with Extensions, and the APIs are available to programmatically interact with Adobe Cloud Platform in your applications.

Open by Design

Jeff Chasin, Adobe Sr. Technical Evangelist, explains, “As we worked on Adobe Launch we had two main goals: solve problems for our customers, and make the resulting platform as open as we could make it. Engineering and Product Management have open sourced the key components of the system, and it’s all available on Github and npm.

“We built Adobe Launch to be a platform where deploying new tags and tools is like putting together Legos. We’ve made the bricks, and you can build pretty much anything you need with them. And for anything that doesn’t already exist in Adobe Launch, through Extensions and the APIs you can deploy and manage whatever you need.”

He continues, “Some of these things we call tags are actually complex applications that require a lot of deployment and configuration, not just a small bit of code. Our APIs make that a programmatic implementation rather than a project that can take weeks or more to roll out.”

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