Enterprise Class User Management without Tears

From Ivy League universities to Facebook, Adobe User Management API makes high-volume deployment easier.

It’s the beginning of another academic year and you have thousands of new students, plus dozens of faculty and staff, who all need access to Adobe Creative Cloud. Or maybe you’re a global marketing firm, with many different groups of employees who all need access to different Adobe tools and services to do their jobs. Doing all of that manually would take a long time, not to mention the possibility of errors. What’s an IT manager to do?

While this is a problem shared by many companies, identity and user management is never one-size-fits-all. Every organization has their own implementation and set of needs. To make these complex deployments easier, Adobe has developed the User Management API.

This is the API that Facebook recently expanded on by building out a set of open-source deployment tools.

The User Management API streamlines and automates these deployments. This API, part of the Adobe Cloud Platform, gives system administrators and IT departments a programmatic way to create, update, and delete Adobe user accounts as part of their existing user identity tools. It’s a big evolution from having to look up individual accounts and grant permissions one by one, or manually deploy software on desktops.

“If you’re using User Management, you need the process to be fast, straightforward and reliable,” explains David Thomson, Engineering Manager of the User Management API. “We’re always looking for more ways to improve both the API’s performance and the documentation so it’s even easier to use.”

Want an inside look at building out the User Management API?

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