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Accessing Log Files for Debugging AEM as a Cloud Service Applications

Log Files in AEM as a Cloud Service are accessed a bit differently than in a Managed Services or on-prem install of AEM. The log files themselves can be accessed through the User Interface, on the environments card, or by using APIs through the Adobe CLI tool. If you need to tail the logs, you would need to access the log files via an API. Let’s review how to do both of these.

Accessing the Logs Via Cloud Manager UI

  1. Navigate to Cloud Manager
  2. Go to the Environments Card
  3. Click on the ... and select Download Logs
Downloading Logs via the Cloud Manager UI

4. The logs can also be accessed from the environments tab by clicking ... and selecting Download Logs.

Log Files are also via the environments tab

Accessing the Log Files using an API via the Cloud Manager plugin for the Adobe IO CLI

  1. Launch the Command Prompt/Terminal
  2. Download or Clone the Adobe IO CLI, available here
  3. Navigate using the command prompt to the downloaded directory.
  4. Run the following commands to install the AIO CLI:
  • npm install
  • npm link
  • npm install -g @adobe/aio-cli aio -v
Installing the CIO Plugin
  • npm install -g @adobe/aio-cli aio -v

5. Be sure you are in the Adobe CLI installation directory

6. Execute the following commands:

  • aio cloudmanager:list-environments This will obtain the ID for the environments, as shown here:
All environments in your AEM CS environment with IDs displayed
  • aio cloudmanager:list-available-log-options 6314 This will show all the available log options for that environment.
Log Options for a specified environment
  • aio cloudmanager:download-logs — programId 3356 6314 author aemerrorThis will download the logs for that environment
  • aio cloudmanager:tail-log — programId 3356 6314 author aemerrorThis will tail the logs for that environment.

You can now access and tail log files that will assist you in debugging your AEM as a Cloud Service applications.



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