Adobe Creative Cloud European Partner Day 2019

Ingo Eichel
Jun 5 · 5 min read
Michael Gamböck, Strategy for Creative Cloud Video for Adobe, speaking in the ornate Historischer Festsaal.

This year we celebrated the 15th Adobe Creative Cloud Partner Day in Europe. On May 19th almost 90 Partners and developers from all across Europe came together in Frankfurt to discuss Adobe’s roadmaps, opportunities for developers, and solutions with Adobe folks from the US, UK, Germany, and India. (You can read the full agenda here: Creative Cloud Partner Day is the best opportunity to network with other developers, Adobe Exchange Partners, and Adobe people from different teams while simultaneously learning about roadmaps for Creative Cloud apps.

The Creative Cloud Platform and Ecosystem team hosts this event once a year with the generous support of Adobe product and partner managers. This event would not have been possible without the many passionate individuals from around the globe who gave presentations. We would like to thank the German SMB and Adobe Stock marketing teams for their support in funding this event. Thank you to every stakeholder that helped make this event work!

Ingo Eichel kicking off Partner Day.

Creative Cloud 2019 presentations

What topics did we focus on this year? For developers, it’s always important to get an idea of where Adobe is heading with CEP and ExtendScript for flagship apps like InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Developers also need to know the next steps for UXP, the underlying technology that powers plugins for Adobe XD, which will be coming soon to other products. Ash Ryan Arnwine, Lead Technical Evangelist for Adobe Creative Cloud, gave a great overview on what we have today, and what’s around the corner.

Marie Joshi talking about how to succeed with creative customers.

Marie Joshi, Senior Manager Partner Program for Adobe Creative Cloud, and I, Ingo Eichel, Senior Manager, Creative Cloud Ecosystem Development for Adobe, spoke about the development of the Partner Program and ecosystem, how we help drive success for users, and all the things we are doing to enable developers.

Michael Gamböck, Strategy for Creative Cloud Video for Adobe, gave an overview on our digital video activities including the Academy Awards show, where Adobe After Effects was one of the 2019 winners. A strong partner presence at this year’s NAB demonstrated how video is growing inside and outside of Adobe. If you are a developer or partner, you may want to consider video as an area of growth for your roadmap as well.

Sanyam Jain talking about the InDesign roadmap.

Sanyam Jain from the Adobe InDesign Engineering team and Mike Zahorik from the Adobe Business Development team talked about InDesign and Illustrator’s future roadmaps. Mike also spoke about early ideas for Creative Cloud Automation services; developers should definitely have a look at his presentation. See below for more details. (Mike will give a similar talk at Creative Developers Summit next week.)

Mike Zahorik going over the Illustrator roadmap.

Simon Haringa from the UK introduced Adobe Sign for Partners and Document Cloud Services. Again, if you happen to be a developer or Partner, Adobe Sign could be a great opportunity to add new services to your existing products and integrations or to optimize your internal processes.

Where to find Adobe’s presentations

If you are a developer or Creative Cloud Partner you can get access to all the presentations from May 15th in the “Downloads” section of the Creative Cloud Developer Prerelease website. Please note, you will need to sign an NDA to access this program.

Partner presentations from TechDivision,, and Moleskine

For the first time, we invited three partners join us on stage and present their solutions and integrations.

Josef Willkommer talking about Magento.

Josef Willkommer from TechDivision gave a talk about Magento. TechDivision is one of the larger partners of Magento, which recently became the newest member of the Adobe family for Experience Commerce.

Reinhard Holzner talks Adobe Stock.

Reinhard Holzner demonstrated how he uses the Adobe Stock APIs with, and demonstrated how other partners could create similar integrations with Adobe Stock for their workflows or DAM.

Gabriel Walsh demos the Moleskine Paper Tablet.

Finally, Gabriel Walsh live-demoed the new Moleskine Paper Tablet, which turns hand-drawn sketches into vectors in Illustrator in real time. This is a unique connection of Creative Cloud apps with creative hardware. The idea for this new product was born two years ago at the Adobe Partner Day in Munich.

Thank you for your feedback!

Thanks to everyone who could join us this year in Frankfurt, and special thanks to those of you who shared feedback, and to everyone who joined our networking event. If you haven’t shared your feedback with us yet, please take five minutes to fill out our short survey.

Get notified about European Partner Day 2020

For those of you who missed it, make sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to get informed early about next year’s event. Or, go ahead and join the Adobe Exchange Partner Program.

We are looking forward to seeing you at any opportunity throughout the year or for next year’s Creative Cloud Partner Day. Let us know what plugins or integrations you are working on.

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News, updates, and thoughts related to Adobe, developers, and technology.

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