Adobe Experience Platform Launch: Reactor API 1.0

We’re excited to announce the release of version 1.0 of the Reactor API, the primary underlying systems that power Adobe Experience Platform Launch. Launch is the client-side technology management system for Adobe Experience Platform. It powers web tag management and mobile SDK configuration, enabling customers to connect multiple technologies and turn data into action.

Head over to to get started on learning how to integrate with the Reactor API.

We’d like to also give a special thanks to all those who have helped shape the API experience with their diligent testing efforts and feedback.

What to know


Version 1.0 of the Reactor API is fluid. We’ll continue to introduce new features as they’re completed, without breaking existing behaviors and data structures. If and when there are breaking changes, they’ll be targeted for a new API version. Features that are compatible with 1.0, but have not yet reached maturity, may be mentioned in the documentation, and will have an “Unstable” label. Unstable areas of the API are subject to change, and even removal. Should you encounter something in the API that is not documented, you should generally assume it’s also considered unstable. The docs serve as the definitive source of supported API interactions.


To simplify integrations and facilitate upgrades, we plan to provide SDKs in at least the following languages:

If you’d like to help contribute to an SDK, please let us know.


Keep an eye on the documentation. Expect to see additions like the following:

  • Release notes for API changes.
  • Guides with examples to demonstrate how to achieve common tasks.
  • Filters available for each resource.
  • API response schema definitions.


Looking for ways to get in touch or get involved with the Launch community?

Per Audacia ad astra.