Adobe I/O at Adobe Summit: Everything You Need to Know About the Product and Platform Offerings for Developers

Adobe I/O is the one-stop destination for developers; we offer everything developers need to integrate with and extend Adobe’s powerful creative, document, and marketing tools. At Adobe Summit 2018, Adobe’s digital marketing and experience conference, we’re continuing to release new products and services to help developers be more successful integrating and extending Adobe’s Cloud Platform. We have new APIs, new technologies to allow you to create personalized, event-based digital experiences and work serverlessly, and the latest developer tools to tap into Adobe’s cutting-edge AI and machine learning capabilities and bring them to your apps and services.

2018 will see Adobe I/O strengthen its open, ‘API first’ approach to extensibility. We’re renewing our deep commitment to empowering developers to help you create successful apps and services that transcend users’ expectations. We’re making some exciting announcements at Summit, revealing our latest and greatest developments to our next generation platform. Here’s what’s new at Adobe I/O, and what you can expect in the year to come.

Adobe I/O is the one-stop destination for developers. In 2018, we’re taking things up a notch, providing new ways for developers to tap into all of Adobe’s content, data, tools, and AI services in an API-first environment.

New APIs to Help Developers Tackle New Challenges

APIs are Adobe I/O’s greatest priority; we are committed to creating Open APIs for our most popular and powerful tools and services across Adobe’s Clouds. Developers are looking for the most efficient ways to integrate with the systems and data they need, in the ways that are unique to their business needs. Adobe I/O is adding more APIs to the Adobe I/O Console’s already rich offering, including:

  • Adobe Analytics — NEW
  • Adobe Cloud Platform Data Service — NEW
  • Adobe I/O Management — NEW
  • Adobe Sensei Content AI Services — NEW
  • Adobe Stock
  • Adobe Typekit
  • Creative SDK
  • PDF Services
  • Adobe Campaign
  • Adobe Target
  • Launch, by Adobe
  • Smart Content

With an open API first approach, be prepared to see our library of APIs and SDKs continue to grow over the next year. Take a look at our current offerings here to find tools to help you create desktop, mobile, and web apps using Adobe technology.

Adobe I/O Events: Deliver Personalized, Event-Based Experiences In Near Real-Time

Adobe I/O Events allows developers to create event-driven applications via webhooks or functions, using the workflow they want, including third-party apps and services. Adobe has a marketing solution for almost every problem, and using Adobe I/O Events will allow you to deliver relevant, time-sensitive, and personalized experiences to your users, based on their own actions. This service is now available, meaning you’ll be able to programatically deliver event-based experiences using:

  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Adobe Analytics Triggers
  • Creative Cloud Assets
With Adobe I/O Events, you can code event-driven experiences, applications, and custom workflows that leverage and combine Adobe Experience Cloud, Creative Cloud, and Document Cloud.

With new event-driven architectures, developers will be able to trigger reactions and experiences for end users. For example, if you want to get a notification or trigger an action when a website reaches a million views, you can do so almost instantly. We’ve recently updated the Adobe I/O Console experience to make consuming Adobe I/O Events easier with support for journaling and debug tracing. Learn more about Adobe I/O Events here.

Adobe I/O Runtime: A Serverless Solution within the Adobe Ecosystem

Adobe I/O Runtime is our serverless solution, and is a powerful way to deploy your Adobe-integrated applications and services. Now available in Private Beta, I/O Runtime allows developers to run custom code or logic right next to their Adobe content and data, with no server setup required. This means you will save time and resources while making Adobe apps extensible, composable, and portable like never before.

Adobe I/O Runtime is built on top of Apache Openwhisk, backed by a large open source community focused on improving cloud computing.

The Adobe I/O Runtime is a serverless platform that allows you to quickly deploy custom code to respond to events and execute functions right in the cloud, all with no server set-up or maintenance required.

Serverless removes friction for developers. Working with Adobe I/O Runtime will mean working in the same cloud as all other Adobe services, reducing your latency, processing time, and bandwidth. Learn more about Adobe I/O Runtime here.

Adobe Sensei Functions: Integrate Adobe’s AI Technology

Adobe Sensei functions allows enterprise developers to tap into our cutting edge AI and machine learning technologies and integrate into their own workflows and apps. Now available in Private Beta, Adobe Sensei services, like image recognition and image cropping, can now be exposed as APIs and Adobe I/O Runtime functions. By using Adobe Sensei and Adobe I/O Runtime together, developers can also orchestrate workflows that bring multiple functions/services together. As of Adobe Summit 2018, the following Sensei functions are available in Beta:

  • Auto Tag — An image recognition service returning tags that describe the image and confidence index.
  • Auto Crop — A ‘content-aware’ image cropping service that understands the image and where to crop around the object based on your specifications.
  • Body Crop — Related to Auto Crop, this service crops around specific body parts.
  • Image Cutout — Select the foreground and background in an image for use in image composition, such as background replacement.
  • Image Quality — Score image quality with professional dimensions: quality, balancing element, color harmony, interesting content, depth of field, object emphasis, repetition, rule of thirds, and symmetry.
  • Color Swatch — Automatic computation of image swatches based upon prominent colors and patterns.
Adobe Sensei functions allows enterprise developers to tap into our cutting edge AI and machine learning technologies and integrate them into their own workflows and apps.

Adobe Sensei functions will allow you to accelerate your content velocity, automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks by entrusting them to Adobe Sensei within your own apps. And this is just the start for us. More Adobe Sensei capabilities will be available later this year. Learn more about Adobe Sensei functions here.

The Future Belongs to Developers

Our announcements at Adobe Summit 2018 mark the beginning of a new chapter for Adobe I/O; with innovations in event-driven integrations, serverless and AI technology, and a rapidly growing roster of useful and powerful APIs, the next year will be one full of innovations and new offerings as we expand our platform. At the heart of this is the desire to always provide developers with the tools and technologies they need to truly change the world through digital experiences.

If you weren’t able to join us at Summit, see all the highlights on Adobe I/O’s Twitter account, and get in touch if there are APIs or other developer offerings you’d like to see from the Adobe I/O team.