Adobe I/O Events and Creative Cloud: Collaboration Workflows Just Got More Collaborative

Manik Jindal
Aug 23, 2018 · 3 min read

Adobe just launched the revamped Adobe Creative Cloud app for Microsoft Teams last week, and that means subscribers can now receive notifications of all relevant Creative Cloud activities directly in the Microsoft Teams application itself. These notifications can then be further shared, marked for follow-up action, and more, all thanks to the power of Adobe I/O Events.

At present, Adobe XD users will receive relevant notifications in Microsoft Teams every time someone comments on an XD prototype. And because all of these notifications are powered entirely by Adobe I/O Events, they’ve been built from the ground up in a way that is ready to be consumed in any application, and not just the ones created by Adobe.

At Adobe we are continuously trying to rethink, reimagine, and fulfill our users’ needs wherever the users are. We understand that the process of design is sacred; instead of inserting ourselves into your workflows, we want to get out of the way and let you work the way you choose to.

How Adobe I/O Events works with Microsoft Teams

Every time an end user comments on an XD prototype or an XD design spec, the activity is recorded. This comment is then displayed to relevant users in the XD UI, the Creative Cloud Desktop App, and other notification channels. Adobe I/O Events also picks up the commenting activity and sends out events to authorized applications, and all of this activity happens within mere seconds of the comment being added.

Notifications powered by Adobe I/O Events

At its heart, Adobe I/O Events lets you code event-driven experiences, applications, and custom workflows that extend Adobe’s products and technologies. This means your application could also consume all of the commenting activity that is visible to a user in Microsoft Teams.

Regardless of whether your app displays these events in user-facing notifications, or uses them to create tasks in your favorite project management tool — you can choose to build it just for your own needs or one for the needs of the entire Creative Cloud community. We support it all.

Getting set up for this is easy; just register a webhook that will receive these events in near real time and your app is ready to go. You can find step-by-step instructions in our online documentation, and read more about getting set up with Adobe I/O Events.

A sample app receiving commenting notifications

Adobe Creative Cloud for Microsoft Teams is just one application with the notification abilities built entirely using Adobe I/O Events. With Adobe I/O Events, you can now engage your customers in many more meaningful ways. Stay tuned, and keep watching this space for more Creative Cloud Extensibility events.

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Adobe Tech Blog

News, updates, and thoughts related to Adobe, developers, and technology.

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