Flow Into The Cloud with Adobe I/O Events & Microsoft Flow

Adobe I/O’s developer tools aren’t just for developers. They can be used to simplify workflows using Creative Cloud in a number of different ways. One of them is by integrating with Microsoft Flow.

Introducing Adobe I/O Events in Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is a cloud-based service that lets line-of-business users build workflows that automate tasks and processes across more than 100 popular applications and services. With Flow, you can offload tedious and repetitive tasks through automation.

Starting today, Adobe is announcing a Preview version of an Adobe Creative Cloud Connector on Flow, powered by Adobe I/O Events. You will be able to login to Flow with your Creative Cloud account using your Adobe ID and create event-driven workflows between Creative Cloud and other Microsoft Flow-supported services. We will be providing enterprise support for Enterprise ID and Federated ID support at a later date.

Simplify Your Work

There’s a great story of a programmer who automated his work. His scripts made coffee for him, emailed his wife when he was working late, and sent in sick notes when he had a hangover. (I want to be him when I grow up!)

Now, with a little help from Adobe I/O Events and Microsoft Flow. I’m one step closer to that dream. Let’s consider the following scenario:

Maria the graphic designer uploads an image to a folder called “To be reviewed” on her Creative Cloud assets. The image is sent to her design lead, Alex, for approval in an email.

Alex approves it from his mailbox. Upon the approval, this image automatically posted to Twitter and moved to the “Done” folder on Maria’s Creative Cloud account.

Want to start dreaming up what other services you can connect and processed you can automate? You can see a full list of services available on Flow here.

Create Your Own Flow

Flow has a simple user interface that allows anyone to create their personal workflow. Let’s walk through a simple example: when an image is created in Creative Cloud, Flow will automatically send an email to your co-worker.

First, log in Microsoft Flow, and go to “My Flows”. You can create a new Flow from scratch, or use an existing Template provided by Flow developers. If you choose to create a new Flow, you’ll see this screen:

Choose “Creative Cloud” as your first Trigger, as we want to listen to events happening on Creative Cloud. Then, add a new step and start building your automated email with dynamic content from Creative Cloud.

Click “Create Flow” to enable it, and try uploading a new image on your Creative Cloud account. You will soon see the email arrive.

We’re excited to see what Flows you’ll create! Give it a try and let us know what you think. Also check out the Creative Cloud APIs available on Adobe I/O to build your own integrations.