Adobe Launches XD Ecosystem and Opens XD Developer Platform at MAX

Yesterday, we unveiled a massive update to Adobe XD — the fastest, all-in-one UI/UX design tool — that includes voice prototyping, new animation support, responsive resize, and more as we strive to build the future of experience design.

With the skyrocketing demands on designers and their teams, the number of tools used to get work done increases every day. That’s why, in May, we announced the Adobe Fund for Design which supports emerging teams building tools and services for creatives and designers.

Additionally, over the last several months, we’ve launched integrations with Microsoft Teams, Slack, Jira and Dropbox Paper, and in August we announced our plans to open the XD developer platform and build an ecosystem of plugins and integrations to supercharge design workflows.

With yesterday’s update, you’ll be able to access a growing list of plugins and app integrations that extend XD in new and exciting ways, within the app. You can now customize XD so that it’s perfect for you and your team, adding powerful tools and features from our developer and partner community while connecting it with the productivity and design services you and your teams use every day.

You can find Editors’ Choice Add-ons, a list of some of the best and most popular plugins, app integrations, and UI kits in the Home Screen.

You can also discover Adobe XD’s ever-growing list of available plugins from the in-app plugin manager.

You’ll find plugins like Google Sheets by Impekable to enrich your designs with real content and data, so you can design faster and collaborate with your team.

Or Stark, with tools like color blindness simulator, that help you design and build products that are accessible, ethical, and inclusive.

You’ll also find plugins like Angle by Design+Code that allow you to place your screen into perspective mockups to make it easier to present and share your designs.

You can find many more plugins from the community in the plugin manager, directly inside XD. Plugins that are be available today include: Airtable, Astui by Astute Graphics, Bluescape, CloudApp, Color Ranger by QooQee, Confetti by YummyGum, Data Populator by Precious Design Studio, Dribbble, Export Kit, Google Sheets by Impekable, GoProof, GuideGuide, Icondrop, inMotion ignite, Mimic, Odin Chart, Overflow, PhotoSplash, Rename It, Silicon Connector, Slope, Stark, Style Mate, Trello, UI Faces, Userlytics, UserTesting, Vizzycharts, Web Export.

The XD developer community is growing fast. We’ll soon have plugins from many more developers and partners including Anima, Esri, Validately and a whole lot more we may not even know about yet. One of the most powerful things about XD extensibility is that the platform is open, so anyone can build an integration with the app!

Ready to start building your own XD plugin? Here’s how:

We’ve launched a bunch of great resources for developers and tech-savvy XD users who want to create, build, and share XD plugins. The brand-new Adobe XD Platform site is dedicated to providing you everything you need for working with our JavaScript APIs.

Be sure to begin with our Quick Start guide, which will get you up and running with a working plugin in just a few steps. After that, we’ve got API tutorials and sample code on GitHub to help get the creative juices flowing.

No matter what your goals are for creating a plugin, we urge you to engage with our developer community in whatever way suits you best, such as getting help on the developer forums, contributing to our open-source projects, or asking questions about XD plugin APIs on Stackoverflow.

We’re here to take the journey with you in creating your first XD plugin, and we can’t wait to see what you make!

We’re continuing to invest in the Creative Cloud platform — and XD is the first example of our modern approach to extensibility and the developer ecosystem. We’re excited to continue working with our partner and developer community to build game-changing products and experiences that empower the creative world.

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