Adobe Stock for Developers

Tatiana Mejia
Jun 13, 2017 · 2 min read

Every day, the vast majority of the content we see around us is being created on Adobe products like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Enabling designers to seamlessly search for and add quality stock imagery into their projects from within these products was the main driver behind Adobe’s acquisition of Fotolia and the launch of Adobe Stock.

At the core of the Adobe Stock service is an enterprise grade search API that allows users to search through the millions of assets in our catalog and find the right asset for their projects. This search API is the same one we make available to developers through Adobe I/O.

“We want to give our developers paths that will let them build applications with a better workflow for users,” explains Niran Amir, Adobe Stock Product Partnerships Manager. “Looking at our partner ecosystem, there are a lot of companies that can benefit from integrating stock services; not just for their own consumption, but also for their customers. The Search API lets them do that in a very straightforward way. By integrating both search and licensing, it becomes seamless for the user.”

The Adobe Stock API lets you interact with Adobe Stock programmatically, rather than through a user interface. You can create applications that execute search queries against Adobe Stock and return relevant results.

You can see an example of an Adobe Stock API integration today in the Microsoft Office Store, where an Adobe Stock plug-in helps PowerPoint users find and add the perfect images into their presentations without having to leave their app. This new plug-in is unique, as it includes visual search functionality, letting users upload their favorite image and run a comparative search. It also support license history, which keeps users from accidentally re-licensing images already in their library.

“Not only does this make for a better user experience, it’s also a potential revenue source,” Amir explains. “We have a few different business models — from referral programs to licensing to custom partnerships — that we have developed. And because it’s the same APIs that we ourselves use, partners know that the service is solid and tested.”

Implementing the Adobe Stock APIs starts with a visit to Adobe I/O.

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