Adobe XD Cloud Content APIs Are Here

Ash Ryan Arnwine
Nov 4, 2019 · 4 min read

Last year at Adobe MAX 2018, we announced the arrival of Adobe XD Plugin APIs, and with them, the beginning of extensibility for Adobe XD. The Plugin APIs enabled an entirely new ecosystem of plugins pushing the boundaries of design work. With today’s launch of XD 24, application support for plugins continues to deepen while the ecosystem of published plugins grows weekly.

And starting today, the Adobe XD extensibility story gets even deeper.

We’re thrilled to share with you that XD Cloud Content APIs are now available. These APIs will enable an entirely new class of integrations that bring design work created in Adobe XD to more places than ever before.

Connecting XD designs with the team

XD Cloud Content APIs are service APIs that let developers integrate design work created in Adobe XD with environments where design stakeholders and clients spend time, like project management tools, storage services, communication apps, and beyond.

Where plugins let designers do even more without leaving XD, Cloud Content API integrations will take XD designs to the places where the rest of the team gets their work done.

Take, for example, the ever-important relationship between designers and developers. While there are great tools serving both of these roles on a project, friction can often arise when it comes to handoff and collaboration. XD Cloud Content API integrations can help bridge that gap by providing rich, valuable context about the published XD artifact.

The Adobe XD and Jira Software Cloud integration is already connecting designers and developers today using the XD Cloud Content APIs. This integration provides users in Jira with the information they need to quickly get to work, like convenient access to artboards, design specs, timestamps, and more. This keeps projects organized while providing developers with everything they need to know in the environment they are already familiar with.

Check out this video to learn more:

Starting today, you can join this new frontier of XD extensibility by taking advantage of the XD Cloud Content APIs to bring XD designs to your product or service.

How it works

All it takes to get started with your integration is a shared document link from Adobe XD and an API call to our service. In turn, the API will provide you with JSON responses containing document metadata and artboard thumbnail/rendition URLs.

At its core, an API call can be as simple as something like this in your command line:

$ curl -H "x-api-key: YOUR-API-KEY"

This will return a JSON response that contains various data about the shared document, including the following and more:

  • id
  • name
  • thumbnail
  • publisher
  • artboardCount
  • artboards
  • homeArtboardId
  • version
  • history
  • assetID
  • includesDevelopmentData

To successfully make an API call, there are some prerequisites you’ll want to consider:

  1. Getting an API key
  2. [Optional] Integrating OAuth for documents shared via named invite

We’ll look at both below.

1. Getting an API key

To communicate with XD Cloud Content APIs, you’ll need your own unique API key to send along with each request. You can get your API key by reaching out and telling us a little about the integration you want to build.

Later in 2020, we will make API key creation self-service.

2. [Optional] Integrating OAuth

XD Cloud Content APIs support both publicly and privately shared XD documents. If you’re planning an integration that only supports publicly shared XD documents, OAuth is not required.

However, if you do want to support documents shared via named invite, integrating OAuth for Adobe IDs is required.

Our docs provide more information to help you decide whether or not you need OAuth.

To learn more about making your first API call, have a look at our Cloud Content API Quick Start tutorial.

Get started today

Head over to the brand-new XD Cloud Content APIs section of our docs to learn what you can do with the APIs.

Both the APIs and the documentation will evolve over time and we want your feedback. Have a particular question or request? Let us know on the XD developer forums.

And if you’re looking for inspiration, don’t forget to check out the Adobe XD and Jira Software Cloud integration to see how the APIs are already in use today.

We’re excited to see how you take XD design work even further with the XD Cloud Content APIs, and we’ll be here to help you succeed on that journey.

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