Bringing Adobe Experience Cloud to WeChat Mini Programs

Chetan Prasad
Dec 17, 2019 · 2 min read

Introduced in 2017, Mini Programs are lightweight apps made available within WeChat’s Android and iOS mobile apps. Mini Programs leverage WeChat’s e-commerce platform infrastructure for key features such as messaging, coupons, payment, task management, etc. to provide branded experiences that fit seamlessly within the WeChat app.

End-users can conveniently interact with brands without “downloading another app” for a wide variety of use cases ranging from hotel check-in to hailing a cab to even promoting tourism. Savvy marketers with a brand presence in China will want to ensure that this channel is integrally accounted for in their marketing mix.

The power of Adobe Experience Cloud is now easily integrated into your Mini Programs through a new SDK. The Adobe Experience Platform SDK for WeChat Mini Programs is an open-source project that helps brands bring behavioral usage data of WeChat Mini Programs into Adobe Analytics to understand how customers use this channel.

The SDK provides for simplified instrumentation of Adobe Analytics with key features such as out-of-the-box lifecycle metrics and APIs for custom user tracking. Lifecycle metrics provide a comprehensive view of a user’s Program lifecycle. The SDK collects key pieces of information on Program install, user session and engagement metrics, and device information to help brands understand how Mini Programs are used.

To learn more about Mini Programs, see WeChat’s developer documentation. If you already have a Mini Program and want to start measuring user engagement with Adobe Analytics, get started by visiting Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDK documentation.

Getting started and contributions

The new SDK for WeChat Mini Programs is available on GitHub. To get started, check out the new SDK, sample app, and documentation here:

wechat — A Javascript library to integrate Adobe’s Experience Cloud solutions to your WeChat Mini Programs. Sample application with the SDK here.

Getting your Adobe Analytics use cases working in a simple, straightforward way is key. If something can be improved or isn’t making the most sense, please start asking questions and filing issues in our open source project. Once you become more comfortable with our software and have seen our contribution guidelines (see the file for guidelines, processes, etc., submit a pull request through GitHub).

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Chetan Prasad

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Product @Adobe — Mobile, Experience Platform Mobile/OTT SDKs, Project Griffon.

Adobe Tech Blog

News, updates, and thoughts related to Adobe, developers, and technology.

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