Bringing Your Adobe Creative Cloud Integration to Market

If you’ve created a plugin or an integration with an Adobe Creative Cloud application, you’ve probably at some point wondered, “How do I tell people about this?” At this year’s Adobe MAX, it was the most common question from our developer community.

We’ve been working hard to build the foundational resources that developers need to promote an integration with Adobe Creative Cloud. We’ve seen what works to drive higher user adoption, as well as what developer efforts don’t drive user adoption. We’ll walk through some of the highlights here today.

Stay on brand

Adobe’s brand remains strong thanks to attention to detail and stringent guides on how we talk about the Creative Cloud. Therefore, the Adobe brand has some very specific requirements around permissible logo usage and how to refer to our brand. While we make our brand guides public, we know that it can be difficult to navigate through a large document. Our brand guide walks through how to use Adobe brand assets in marketing, in your integration, plugin, or extension, how to promote on social media, and guidelines for publishing press releases.

The most exciting, and we think underutilized, aspect of the brand guide is access to our assets. If you open our brand guide in Adobe Acrobat, you can get access to our “Creative Cloud connected” and “Find it on Exchange” logos, among others. Both are great ways to demonstrate your relationship with Adobe to Creative Cloud users.

For additional information on brand guidelines and to ensure that you’re complying with them, please e-mail

Optimize the listing

Once you understand how to talk about your integration with Adobe, it’s time to put your learning into action. We want the look and feel of developer integrations to reflect the quality of their work. For the Adobe Exchange Marketplace, we are looking for featured images that will grab the CC user’s attention, are visually stimulating, and meet our sizing requirements. For Adobe XD Plugins, we have some specific requirements around the look and feel of the plugin UI. Our XD documentation covers everything you need to know.

Part of listing optimization includes telling our Adobe field teams about the good work that you’re doing. Some developers have taken advantage of our How-to-Sell Guide, located in a new tab in Adobe Exchange Marketplace. This allows only Adobe employees to better understand the features of your listing, learn who your target audience is, and get easy access to customer success stories. We’d love to see better adoption in the creation of these How-to-Sell documents as we look to drive better awareness with our Adobe customer-facing teams.

Build a landing page

You’ve read our brand guide and created an optimized listing, but your work is not done! A large percentage of your marketing efforts will culminate in your company website. This is a great spot to highlight the work that you’ve done with Adobe. A landing page on your own website that promotes your integration with Adobe is one of the most impactful ways to drive awareness.

In our experience, the best landing pages have direct links to the developer integrations on Exchange Marketplace or XD Plugin Manager (coming soon!). They also have clear instructions on how to get support for a specific plugin or extension. Guidelines for support can be found in our Submission Guidelines documentation.

Get social

Drive user engagement and awareness by sharing the value of your integration on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Be sure to tag @AdobeExchange on Twitter and Facebook to make our teams aware of the promotions you’re doing online.

Create and share a marketing calendar

Finally, share your marketing calendar with customers so they know what events, webinars, and conferences you’ll be participating in this year. Please also share your plans with Adobe so that we have the opportunity to support and promote your efforts as time and resources allow. Share your marketing calendars with

As your marketing practices change and evolve, so do ours! Please be sure to sign up for our monthly Creative Cloud Developer Newsletter to get the latest developments from Adobe on developer marketing best practices, API updates, and Adobe Exchange news on a monthly basis.

Now that you’re familiar with our go-to-market best practices, we encourage you to put them to use and start promoting your integration with Adobe’s end customers. We look forward to seeing your marketing efforts scale in 2019!