Celebrating World Interaction Design Day with Stark and Adobe XD Plugins

Erin Finnegan
Sep 26, 2018 · 4 min read
Ash Ryan Arnwine welcoming the crowd to one of three IxDD events in New York City.

Yesterday was World Interaction Design Day, “…a global celebration of interaction design’s ability to improve the human condition.” The interaction design community “came together through activities and events taking place around the globe that showcase the diverse ways interaction design impacts everyday life.” You can look up all the fun and inspiring events using the #IxDD hashtag on Twitter.

Adobe was proud to sponsor the event, and we hosted several events in our offices including one in Seattle, one in San Francisco, and two here in our New York Union Square location. One of the events, a Behance livestream, is still going on as I write this, and they will keep livestreaming IxDD content through Friday.

Last night my team hosted an IxDD event called “Adobe XD Plugins & Inclusive Design: A Sneak Peek with Stark”.

Stark + Adobe XD

Since this year’s IxDD theme was “diversity and inclusion in design”, we asked Cat Noone from Stark to be our guest speaker.

Stark’s Adobe XD plugin (coming soon) will let you check your design prototypes against eight different color-blindness profiles, as well as check your designs for contrast. Cat demoed a working build of the plugin at our IxDD meet-up, which was the first time anyone from the general public had seen it.

Last month we announced that Stark would be one of the first companies to ship a plugin when the XD plugin ecosystem launches (sign up for notifications on this page). Stark received support from the Adobe Fund for Design, (a 10 million dollar fund aiming to support individuals and groups that are building tools and services for creatives, you can still apply).

Cat Noone asks who would tell her if her teeth were covered with food.

Designing for inclusivity

Cat opened with her talk “The Irresponsible Designer”. If you ever get a chance to see it, you should. It is a passionate and inspiring call to action for designers. Designers, Cat argues, need to introduce inclusivity into the earliest planning phases with clients, rather than as an afterthought after production has begun.

We emphasize the importance of our design succeeding across platforms but don’t spend enough time ensuring our design succeeds across abilities.

- Cat Noone

If you’d like to hear Cat’s talk, she is available for speaking engagements.

The slide reads: Color matters, and so does contrast.

Spontaneous applause

Next, Adobe Partner Success Engineer and blog contributor Steve Kwak, talked the audience through how to set up a “Hello World” plugin for XD using just six lines of code.

Steve also gave a sneak peek of Impekable’s Google Sheets XD plugin, which allows you to map spreadsheet data to placeholders in your XD design, as well as Design + Code’s Angle plugin, which enables users to drop mock-ups of screens into images of phones and tables at different angles. The audience broke into spontaneous applause after seeing how much these upcoming plugins can really do.

After that, Steve demonstrated Stark’s plugin again, and talked through which profile seemed to match his particular type of color-blindness. More applause followed.

Steve Kwak demos some upcoming XD plugins.

I could have really used that three years ago…

Our audience was mix of designers, developers, and people who do a bit of both. Some attendees were fresh out of school, and others had used Adobe products for many years.

The reaction, across the board, was “I could have really used that three years ago!” In other words, everyone in the audience had gone through a workflow where a Stark plugin or one of the other Adobe XD plugins would have made things easier and enabled even better output.

Hearing the audience’s feedback drove home how much Adobe XD plugins truly have the potential to “supercharge” design workflows.


Our special thanks goes to Cat for being such a great guest speaker, to Lindsay Munro for getting us involved in IxDD, and to the Behance Live team, who let us record last-minute video blurbs.

Future Meetups

For this meetup, we revived the Creative Apps Community NYC on Meetup. In the long term, we hope to host more meetups for all kinds of Adobe developers.

We’re also interested in finding developer meetups to speak at and sponsor in the five boroughs of New York City. If you’ve got a community focused on JavaScript or designer/developer workflows, let us know in the comments, or message me on Meetup.

XD Plugins; Coming soon!

We keep saying that XD plugins are “coming soon”. Sign up for an email notification on this page to be the first to know.

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News, updates, and thoughts related to Adobe, developers, and technology.

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