Classic Extensibility Update: CEP 9.4 and ExManCmd 7.8 Are Out Now

Prerna Vij
Nov 7 · 3 min read

Hello CEP Developers!

It’s been almost three months since we pre-released CEP 9.4 in all of our Creative Cloud products so you could start testing your extensions and integrations much earlier than in previous years.

Please note that this year, we do not have any major feature updates for CEP, as our primary focus has been to maintain and support CEP 9 while we work on our new extensibility platform, UXP. That means we’ve been fixing CEP bugs, updating OS SDKs, etc. You can find more details below and also on our GitHub page.

We hope you had a chance to use this opportunity and give us feedback, this week we officially released our products with CEP 9.4.

Adobe products launching with CEP 9.4 at MAX

Follow the instructions here to update your Adobe apps to the latest version(s):

  • After Effects v. 17
  • Audition v. 13
  • Animate v. 20
  • Bridge v. 10.0
  • Dreamweaver v. 20
  • InDesign v. 15
  • InCopy v. 15
  • Illustrator v. 24
  • Media Encoder v. 14
  • Photoshop v. 21.0
  • Premiere Pro v. 14
  • Rush v. 1.2.1

If you’re not sure the product you’re developing for is compatible with CEP 9.4, check out this handy chart.

Major bug fixes/updates

You can find detailed release notes in our Github repo.

  • ✅[Mac only] Updated SDK to mac OS 10.14 for all the runtime components.
  • ✅[Mac only] Added notarization changes to the runtime components required by Apple starting with macOS 10.14.5. More details here
  • 🐛[Mac only] Added fix for memory leak on mac: v8 engine upgraded to version
  • 🐛[Windows] Added fix for crash issues with an internal CEP component in Illustrator.

If you don’t see the bug you were looking for above, here’s how to get in touch with us: Chat with us in the CEP prerelease forum, leave a comment below, or tweet at @adobedevs. If you’re want to learn more about the transition from CEP to UXP, let us know by filling out this survey.

ExManCmd 7.8 is Out

We released ExManCmd 7.8 last month. You can download it here. It has limited compatibility with macOS 10.15 (Catalina) and requires some extra steps for installation. Read our complete installation guide in our CEP resources repo.

ExManCmd may prompt this error on macOS 10.15 Catalina.

ExtendScript ToolKit and Catalina

Our Platform and Ecosystem team is aware of how ESTK is still widely used by many customers and Adobe partners for a variety of workflows. That said, ExtendScript ToolKit is not compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina, and there are no plans to create a 64-bit build of the application.

Use using “Show Older Apps” to find ESTK in the new Creative Cloud desktop app ( in Windows)

If you have already installed Catalina, you won’t find it in the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App. Just in case, we have decided to make downloads of ExtendScript ToolKit available in the Adobe CEP repo on Github. (The downloads are not there yet, but we hope to push them soon.)

Keep in touch

One comment we get all the time from developers was that they didn’t hear announcements like this one. What form of news alerts do you prefer? (Which push notifications do you leave on?) Let us know in any of the channels listed above.

Again, you can chat with us in the CEP prerelease forum, leave a comment below, or tweet at @adobedevs.

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Thanks to Ash Ryan Arnwine

Prerna Vij

Written by

Technical Product Manager, Adobe Creative Cloud Unified Extensibility Platform.

Adobe Tech Blog

News, updates, and thoughts related to Adobe, developers, and technology.

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