Creative Developers Summit 2019 Report

Erin Finnegan
Jun 27 · 6 min read
Ash Arnwine kicks off the Summit.

New in 2019: Thursday Meetings

Creative WOW

After an Adobe-sponsored happy hour at the hotel bar, attendees gathered Thursday night to see a fun collection of useful scripts… as well as scripts in search of a use case. For example, MC Chuck Weger wrote a script that turns InDesign into a player piano, complete with the ability to play chords and change instruments.

Adobe Talks at Creative Developers Summit

Some of our presentations from CDS are currently available as PDFs in the Creative Cloud Developer Prerelease Group, in the downloads section. We will continue to add decks as they become available.

Erin Finnegan talks about developer communication.
Kerri Shotts going over the relative merits of UXP (speed).
Prerna Vij revealing this year’s plans for CEP and ExtendScript.
Barkin Aygun talks about bringing UXP to Photoshop.
Amish Kumar Bedi goes over InDesign’s roadmap.
John Colombo talks about “New World” scripting.


This was my first Creative Developers Summit, and it was delightful to meet many of the developers I’ve been chatting with online over the course of the previous year. I learned a lot, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • What developers really want is a complete DOM for every Creative Cloud product.
  • C++ developers would like more notice before major Illustrator updates.
  • Peter Kahrel is famous with my friends in publishing.
  • In the words of Colin Flashman, “Print isn’t dead! How do you think you got your cornflakes this morning?”
  • There is such a thing as a professional nose flute.
  • And last, but not least, InDesign can be made into a surprisingly versatile player piano.

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