Doubling Down on Adobe’s Open Platform Vision with Magento

Matt Asay
Matt Asay
May 21, 2018 · 3 min read

At Adobe, we are committed to the stewardship of open platforms and diverse creative communities. Long before open source was broadly embraced in enterprise computing, Adobe actively integrated open-source technologies in its software and contributed to open-source development. From our involvement with the Apache Software Foundation (“Apache”) to the recently launched Adobe Cloud Platform, Adobe has fostered a passion for open and collaborative development.

Today we’re taking that vision even further.

In announcing the acquisition of Magento, a leading commerce platform, not only are we recognizing the importance of giving brands a way to make every moment personal and every experience shoppable, we’re also underscoring the critical role that a robust global community of partners and developers plays in driving innovation. With more than 300,000 developers, 800 technology partners, and 350 system integration partners, Magento brings the power of its community to the Adobe Cloud Platform.

A company powered by community-driven code

Active engagement with open source communities and standards has been an increasingly vital tenet of our engineering culture as we become a platform company. Adobe actively supports open standards like WCAG 2.0 and standards bodies like W3C; we rely on some of the industry’s best open source software, including MongoDB, Apache Kafka, and CentOS; and our employees also contribute to a broad array of open source projects, including Apache Spark, Brackets, and many more. If you dig into GitHub, you’ll see that the number of Adobe employees active on GitHub is growing, along with the importance of the projects to which we contribute.

The point is: open source, and open development, is in our DNA. We know that the key to getting value from open source is by giving value through contribution to and collaboration with these active developer communities. We’re excited to do much, much more with Magento.

Magento, community-driven commerce

Magento is a hugely popular commerce platform. At the heart of that popularity is an army of developers collectively focused on improving and extending the platform’s core capabilities and performance at unprecedented scale and speed. This community of innovators is continually adding new capabilities while improving the quality and security of the platform.

In an ever-evolving industry, such community becomes mandatory for enterprises who hope to keep pace. What seems cutting edge today becomes table stakes tomorrow. Community-driven development, allowing Magento users to tie into the creative energy of thousands of developers around the world, gives companies unparalleled access to innovation. Because Magento is open source at its core, would-be partners can also quickly gain expertise with Magento, swelling the ranks of the Magento ecosystem.

A platform for developers who care about experience

At a functional level, Magento extends the lead Adobe has already established with its Experience Cloud. But at a more foundational level, the addition of Magento and its developer ecosystem to the Adobe Cloud Platform and its vibrant, open ecosystem of thousands of developer partners that generate roughly 1.5 billion API calls each day, makes a potent match for any developer interested in building customer experiences.

We recognize that community is the heart of great software platforms, and no commerce platform has a broader, more expansive developer ecosystem than Magento.

Together, we’ll deepen our commitment to open, developer-driven experiences. We couldn’t be more excited about the limitless possibilities.

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