ExtendScript Debugger for Visual Studio Code 1.0.1: Windows Compatible, Cross-OS Bug Fixes

Erin Finnegan
Apr 11 · 2 min read

In February, we released the first version of the ExtendScript Debugger for Visual Studio Code for Mac, and a Windows “beta” version. Today we’re happy to announce an update to ExtendScript Debugger 1.0.1, with Windows stability, as well as other bug fixes.

This release has arrived just in time, insomuch as VSCode 1.33 caused many problems with the plugin. For example, some users found a script would only run once and then hang. Please let us know if you continue to experience this problem after updating.


New features:

  • Added support for continuing execution after clearing a runtime error. By default, a “Clear Runtime Error” dialog will be shown. If you don’t want to see the dialog every time, you can set the default behavior using the clearRuntimeError launch configuration. Set true to always continue execution, false otherwise.
  • Now shows a “Save file” picker for Export to JSXBIN.


  • Fixed issues when running in Visual Studio Code 1.33.0. For example, scripts in earlier versions may have run only once for certain configurations.
  • Fixed the case where ExtendScript Toolkit opened when $.writeln was used more than 500 times in a loop.
  • Fixed a race condition which sometimes left the extension in an inconsistent state.

Getting started

If you haven’t installed the plugin yet, you can install it from Visual Studio Code by navigating to the Extensions sidebar (Shift + Cmd + X on macOS or Shift + Ctrl + X on Windows) and then searching for “ExtendScript Debugger.” If you have Visual Studio Code 1.31.1, you won’t have to even reload VS Code in order to use the plugin!

If you participated in the prerelease program, you should uninstall the prerelease plugin before installing the public plugin from the marketplace.

For more details on getting started with ExtendScript Debugger, see our previous post by Kerri Shotts.

Support and reporting issues

You can reach out to us and each other on the Extensions / Add-ons Developer Forum. We’ll also be open sourcing portions of the plugin in the near future, and so you’ll be able to file issues using GitHub soon.

Stay up to date

You’ll definitely want to stay up to date with our progress as we open source the plugin and release bug fixes. Be sure to follow this blog so that you can track what’s going on.

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Adobe Tech Blog

News, updates, and thoughts related to Adobe, developers, and technology.

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