ExtendScript Debugger for Visual Studio Code (Windows-Compatible Prerelease)

Erin Finnegan
Feb 13 · 2 min read
An ExtendScript Debug Session in progress

Updated Monday, Feb. 25: An ExtrendScript Debugger for Visual Studio Code is now available in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace. Read more about it.

Two weeks ago Kerri Shotts announced our prerelease of an ExtendScript Debugger plugin for Visual Studio Code… for macOS. A few enthusiastic developers joined the prerelease and installed the build on Windows only to find it couldn’t run.

The wait is over: We now have a Windows- and macOS-compatible build in our prerelease program!

We’ve updated our Readme (login required) to include known bugs and a small FAQ, and will continue to update it as we get feedback. MacOS users are also encouraged to try out the new build.

Common issues to avoid

Many early users attempted to run the ExtendScript Toolkit desktop app and the VSCode plugin simultaneously; this does not work, they both rely on the same BridgeTalk message queue. Be sure to quit ExtendScript Toolkit before launching the VSCode plugin.

Don’t forget, you need Visual Studio Code (1.30.2 or better). Also, VSCode must be opened to a folder in order for the plugin to run (you can’t just have one file open).

Bug fixes

Here are some of the bugs we fixed, many of which were based on your discussions in the prerelease forum:

  • UXP-7609: In “$.writeln” user can now use CR/LF for new lines.
  • UXP-7458: Adding support for “dontBreakOnErrors” and “debugLevel” setting through config file.
  • UXP-7532: Printing runtime error text to output channel of VSCode.
  • UXP-7608: Added support for start without debugging.
  • UXP-7607: If the user tries to start multiple debug session then the dialogue “A Debug Session is already running. Please close it before starting a new session.” will appear.
  • UXP-7535: Added support for custom engines.

You may encounter serious bugs, crashes, and other issues, before the public release. Please report those bugs and crashes in the prerelease forum. We’re depending on your unique environments and use cases to fully test the plugin. We really appreciate it!

Join the prerelease and try it out today

If you happen to be joining the prerelease for the first time, please keep in mind that the program requires a prerelease agreement, which is the equivalent to an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). Please don’t share prerelease builds or other information outside of the prerelease forums.

Please have fun and give us all your feedback in the forum, the good, the bad, and the ugly!

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News, updates, and thoughts related to Adobe, developers, and technology.

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