Hello, XD Plugin! Hands-on API Workshops in Europe

Our XD plugin launch partners at XD Dev Days in San Francisco

We’re excited to announce a European roadshow for Adobe XD plugin APIs coming up in February. Join us in London, Amsterdam, or Mannheim to learn about Adobe XD, its plugin ecosystem, and how to build your own XD plugins.


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Why design tools?

Creative Cloud Partner Day 2018 in Hamburg, Germany

Experience design has become a hot topic for product creators and teams worldwide, in part because in crowded marketplaces, delivering a great customer experience is a strong differentiator.

The design tools that a team uses have a big impact on the team’s ability to execute and the products they produce. A great design tool can make it possible to ideate quickly, bring ideas to life, include the customer in the product process, simplify collaboration between designers and developers, and more. All of this adds up to saved time, faster iterations, engaged stakeholders, and product experiences that meet customer needs.

Adobe XD solves for this by providing designers with a performant and focused set of design tools, robust prototyping, animation and transitions, voice design, stakeholder collaboration features… and now plugins.

Why plugins?

XD plugin labs at MAX 2018 in Los Angeles

Adobe XD became extensible in October, making it possible for designers and developers to customize the XD experience like never before through plugins.

XD plugins can automate repetitive tasks, connect designers to external services, and import/export assets and data. Since the launch of the XD plugin APIs, XD plugins are already having a big impact on design workflows around the world.

As a developer or designer, this is your chance to be a part of the early days of the Adobe XD plugin ecosystem. You can opt to publicly ship an XD plugin and get your work in front of designers around the world. Or, you can choose to build private plugins for your team or yourself.

It’s up to you; we’ll be there to help you get started.

What will we do at the event?

XD plugins at World Interaction Design Day in New York

Join Adobe staff and community experts for a full-day workshop to learn about Adobe XD, XD plugins, the JavaScript APIs, and how to build your own plugins.

Things you’ll learn at this workshop:

  • What Adobe XD is and the current state of the XD plugin ecosystem
  • What the XD plugin APIs enable you to do, with real-world examples
  • How to build your first XD plugin project, with hands-on support from Adobe staff

After the workshop, you’ll have time to network over drinks with the attendees and Adobe staff.

Who is this for?

Getting started with XD plugin APIs at Flatiron School in New York

This event is for anyone interested in the new world of Adobe XD plugins, particularly those who have an interest in trying the JavaScript APIs.

Developers: You are a freelance developer or work in teams with developers and designers. You are familiar with Javascript, and you may have already developed for design tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, InVision, Zeplin, or Framer.

Designers: You are a tech-savvy designer who wants to surface pain points in the design process that XD plugins can address, contribute design work to the plugin development process, or further explore your interest in writing some JavaScript.

Ready to join us?

XD extensibility at Creative Developers Summit 2018 in New Orleans

Come to the event in London (Monday, Feb. 25), Amsterdam (Wednesday, Feb. 27), or Mannheim (Friday, March 1) and you’ll get to:

  • Learn in a medium-sized group
  • Hear from experienced plugin developers from the community
  • Mingle with local designers and developers
  • Meet with people from Adobe
  • Have a chance to win a Creative Cloud subscription
  • Enjoy lunch and drinks provided by Adobe

Seats are limited. Visit our event page to get your tickets.

We’re looking forward to meeting you at the workshop!

Can’t join us but want to try making an XD plugin?

Head over to AdobeXDPlatform.com for XD plugin API documentation, tutorials, code samples, and more.

Be sure to join our developer community as you get started. There are lots of ways to interact, and there’s a great community of XD plugin developers to help you along the way!