How Bank of America Is Using Adobe I/O Runtime to Boost the Efficiency of Its Personalized Offers in Adobe Target

Patrick Faller
Jul 23 · 4 min read

Bank of America is one of the biggest financial institutions in the United States, serving customers across the country and the world. It offers banking and investment services for almost any kind of customer; big or small, personal or corporate. To make sure the most effective offers are being shown to the right customers, Bank of America uses the Automated Personalization tool in Adobe Target, but with so many offers being cycled at all times, switching out these offers manually was getting increasingly tedious.

That’s why Adobe worked with the bank to deliver a new solution, using our serverless platform Adobe I/O Runtime, which is now out of private beta and available to all enterprise customers. The goal was to automate the process of creating and switching out offers in Target, and in the end, eliminate tedium and save the bank’s employees hours of time.

“Their trafficking team has indicated they will be able to save around 20 hours a week with this solution,” said Vinay Sodha, a technical consultant who provides technical strategy for Adobe Target. “They are really excited about the tool and see it as a massive help. In fact, it wasn’t long before I was receiving messages like ‘Just used the tool for tomorrow’s New TOLA COIDs, and it worked great!’” Read on to see how Vinay leveraged Adobe Target Admin APIs and Runtime to save the bank resources.

Automating the offer importation tool with Runtime as the “middleman”

Bank of America serves up various offer experiences at any given time, ranging from homepage offers, authenticated space offers, and mobile. The trafficking team changes out these offers frequently — offer names and codes are imported into Target manually. Vinay envisioned a better way to do this, and he developed a tool to make the whole process more automated, leveraging Adobe I/O APIs and I/O Runtime.

“I devised a tool to automate the importation of offers into Target. It leverages the Target Admin APIs to create the offer and Runtime acts as the ‘middleman’ between the front end tool I built and the APIs. It supports the creation of HTML and JSON type offers,” he said, adding that, without Runtime, Bank of America ran into a CORS issue and wouldn’t be able to call the APIs directly.

To develop the solution, Vinay learned I/O Runtime with the help of Adobe Developer Evangelist Sarah Xu. He then created the front-end HTML, which acts as the UI where a user can select the spreadsheet containing the offers for import. He also developed web actions in I/O Runtime, which the front-end HTML page would call.

“One of the requirements of the tool was that, if an offer was already present in the UI, they wanted the tool to skip the offer. This meant I had to add additional functionality so the system will check for an existing offer, before it creates a new offer” said Vinay.

Importing offers, and testing is existing offers are already present in the UI.

Considerable time and cost savings

With this new level of automation, Bank of America is seeing sustained time and cost savings. For Vinay and his team, it’s now about taking Target and extending its functionality in new exciting ways — something that would have been quite difficult before Adobe I/O Runtime.

“Runtime has given us the ability to implement technical solutions relatively quickly without relying on Adobe Engineering, which allows them in turn to focus on larger efforts,” he said.

“We’ve shared this implementation with the wider organization so it can be leveraged in other similar use cases. The versatility and power of Runtime and I/O APIs will allow us to create more tools for the future.”

Adobe I/O Runtime is a powerful, serverless way for developers to extend Adobe Experience Platform more easily than ever, with no server management required. For more information, check out the Adobe I/O Runtime site.

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News, updates, and thoughts related to Adobe, developers, and technology.

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