How to Join Creative Cloud Prerelease Programs

Erin Finnegan
Oct 18 · 3 min read

If you’re a developer building integrations, plugins, extensions, or even just writing scripts for Creative Cloud apps, it’s important to keep your work up to date with the latest Creative Cloud releases. The best way to say ahead of the game is to join the prerelease program of the app or apps you develop for (for example; Photoshop and Illustrator) as well as the prerelease groups for tools you might use every day, like the ExtendScript Debugger plugin for VSCode or ExManCmd.

How to join our prerelease groups

In general, all Creative Cloud prerelease programs are available at However, some prerelease groups are invisible to users without a prior invitation.

Additionally, prerelease groups usually require you to sign a non-disclosure agreement, (also known as an NDA,) with Adobe. This sounds restrictive, but the good thing about it is that Adobe employees can talk more openly about upcoming features in the prerelease forums than they can in public forums.

Here’s a list of prerelease groups, alphabetically by app, so you can easily find the groups you’d like to join. Please note that I have included direct links, even to groups that require an invitation. This way, if you’ve previously joined and forgotten about it, you can jump right back in:

Several of the prerelease programs above are also available in Japanese-langauge only groups. If you’ve installed Adobe Creative Cloud in Japanese, you should be able to see the Japanese language groups at

When will I be approved?

In some of the groups above, access is granted automatically as soon as you sign the required NDA. Watch out for email with a subject line like “Welcome to… ” or “Invitation to join…” from “Adobe Prerelease” or, which may be filtered out of your inbox.

Some groups require human approval that may take two or more business days while an admin approves your request to join. If you’re been waiting for a long period of time for your approval, reach out to Bruce Bullis for digital video or audio programs, or Erin Finnegan for anything else.

How to Download Prerelease Builds

If you’ve signed an NDA and been approved to join a prerelease group, you might be wondering where to find prerelease builds to download. Prerelease builds are typically located in the “Downloads” section of each group:

Where to download the actual builds

(You can also try adding #tab_downloads to the end of the prerelease group’s URL.)

Test, iterate, and leave feedback

After downloading and testing your plugin or integration on prerelease builds, please leave feedback if you find any bugs. Your feedback in the prerelease is vital to squashing bugs that might affect other developers as well.

Keep on top of new versions and discussions by adjusting your notification settings:

Adjust your notification settings by clicking on the gear symbol.

See you in the prerelease forums!

What are you waiting for? Apply and start downloading today.

If you’re stuck waiting for a long period of time for your approval, reach out to Erin Finnegan or Bruce Bullis.

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Community Engineer at Adobe. Views are my own.

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