Introducing Adobe Experience Platform, Location Service

Fuse the physical with the digital world.

Brandon Poyfair
Dec 10, 2019 · 4 min read

Location is the most personal context for designing and delivering personalized experiences. Understanding where your users are fundamentally changes how you understand and engage with them. Experience Platform Location Service enables your mobile apps with location intelligence while maintaining privacy sensitivity for your users.

You can use the Location Service to:

Send a real time notification when someone is near your store to drive foot traffic.

Segment an audience of health conscious users based on frequency of visits to gyms and health food stores.

Personalize an in-store experience.

Analyze where users are most likely to use certain features.

Increase engagement by limiting touch points to contextually relevant settings.

Dynamic point of interest database management

The point of interest (POI) database allows you to easily create and manage geofences unique to your organization. This can be done in our product interface or using our REST APIs. Organize your database into over 100 topical libraries of up to 150K POIs each. Streamline your segmentation and targeting workflows by adding attributes or meta data tags to your POIs based on what is important to your organization. Manage all of these important locations in one place so they can be used throughout the Experience Cloud across your mobile app workflows.

Lightweight SDK extensions

Managing mobile device location can be a complex development process. Experience Platform Location Service can eliminate that complexity, and handle all the operating system interactions needed to provide location awareness for your app. To easily unleash location, just install the Places extensions to the same Adobe Experience Platform SDK that is already powering other Adobe Experience Cloud products in your app today. These SDK extensions are optimized for performance and minimal battery drain.

  • The Places monitor extension easily manages device location in relation to the nearest POIs in your Places database
  • The Places extension maps POI data from your Places database to the device location and makes geo-triggers and geo-context available to your mobile app workflows

Let Adobe make it easier to use location personalization by freeing up time for your development teams.

Real-time decisioning

Customers are looking for seamless experiences and with the Experience Platform Location Service and Experience Platform Launch you can give customers exactly what they are looking for — when, and where it matters most to them. Using rules, you can trigger actions when certain types of events occur within a defined group of geofences in combination with other defined conditions. These personalized actions can be used to enrich a profile, provide the app with contextual awareness, or deliver personalized experiences in real time.

How can you improve your business by knowing where your users go?

We’ve created the Location Service to help you easily access and use location data across your mobile app workflows. Users demand more valuable personalization and location is a critical way to move the personalization standard for your organization in the right direction.

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News, updates, and thoughts related to Adobe, developers, and technology.

Brandon Poyfair

Written by

Brandon is a senior product manager for Adobe Experience Platform focussing on mobile app engagement and location technologies.

Adobe Tech Blog

News, updates, and thoughts related to Adobe, developers, and technology.

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