Meet the Adobe I/O Team: Juliana Campbell on Program Managing I/O Projects

Oliver Lindberg
Jun 4 · 5 min read

A program manager needs technical depth, operational discipline, as well as excellent communication skills as they lead the team through all phases of product development to ensure a seamless operation of the service.

In this article, Juliana Campbell, the first Adobe I/O program manager to be featured in our series, gives us an exclusive insight into how she got started at Adobe, her unique holistic view of I/O product management, what she’s most proud of, and more.

Tell us about your career path at Adobe.

For over a decade, I’ve had the privilege of working with a number of great teams that built products at Adobe. I joined Adobe with the Adobe and Macromedia merger in 2005 and was a quality engineer manager for the Dreamweaver product line, assisting with the release of multiple versions of Dreamweaver.

Before taking on a program management role in 2012, I completed The Stanford Advanced Project Management Program and Project and Program Management certificate program at UC Santa Cruz. As a program manager with Adobe, I then continued expanding my knowledge by completing a Master’s Program in Web Design and New Media at The Academy of Art University. I learned to build the entire cycle of product development, using the latest web development technology from market research, user studies, competitive analysis, POC, code, error handling, usability testing, and the validation plan after the release.

I realized that, as a program manager, it was essential to have insights into all these aspects in order to understand the end-to-end workflow and be able to mitigate any potential risks that might occur with the projects I am working on.

What projects are you currently working on?

My current projects are I/O Runtime, I/O Events, and CNA, which support developers to extend Adobe solutions. We are partnering with product, engineering, and marketing managers — I myself am collaborating with various teams, like AEM Commerce and Assets, and so we’re looking at harnessing serverless to improve Adobe services across our family of products. I also established a coherent process in reporting and communication between multiple I/O projects aligning with Adobe vision and goals.

My responsibilities encompass implementing change management, aligning business goals, managing dependencies, and developing communication strategies. I drive the Extensibility quarterly review process with the stakeholders, actuating the extensibility leadership offsite planning and meetings, and establishing and tracking the cohesive intake process for Extensibility products. I also created the Extensibility dashboard to highlight our roadmap and current milestones status and led the effort to develop the release checklist. I make sure all items are completed before each release, including the review of legal and security compliances.

As an I/O program manager, how do you approach I/O product development?

As a program manager, I consider myself as the connective tissue between different functions, teams, business units, and projects. This unique perspective allows me to have a high-level overview of I/O product development, specifically to share the essential qualities we provide that make our I/O products successful. Above all, we focus on communication. Our open discussions happen on channels such as Slack and email, which include the entire project team’s distribution list. Even if an email thread starts in a silo from another team unfamiliar with our process, our team members make sure to add the distribution list and encourage other teams to use it for transparency and knowledge sharing.

Secondly, we praise authenticity. We are formed from distributed teams with different cultures and backgrounds. Our diverse experience, views, and skills sets generate fascinating authentic ideas and ways to solve questions. Often, we’re all over the globe too. Despite our geographical distances, we strive to stay a cohesive team. This has been a big goal of mine — keep everyone united in the face of these challenges.

Finally, we have leadership commitment and support. Our leadership is approachable and readily available. They provide their support by actively listening and focusing on the team’s happiness. As a matter of fact, the teams’ happiness is one of I/O’s KPI, and we also monitor and measure their happiness via Adobe quarterly surveys. Our I/O teams develop products by being openly authentic with each other and each is committed to the group’s goals and backed by supportive leadership.

What achievements are you most proud about in your work?

We, Adobe I/O, are good at making things happen by leveraging our understanding of our customer needs. I/O Events allow the developers to build event-driven applications, I/O Runtime offers Adobe’s serverless platform, and CNA (code name) will offer SDKs to build cloud-native applications effortlessly on top of Adobe solutions. I/O Runtime GA is approaching quickly, and we also open sourced multiple CNA projects. We are passionate about what we do, embrace challenges, and are supportive of each other, which creates a delightful team culture that motivates me to continue learning and not be reluctant of taking risks.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received in your career?

Although I’ve been given great advice from those I respect during my career, through various platforms like summits and conferences, the best advice I can receive resonates with me at that stage of my life and career, and I am always ready to adapt to my situation. I like being positive and keeping things in perspective, in my work life as well as in my personal life.

What are you looking forward to working on next?

I am excited to continue working on tools and services that allow developers to integrate with and extend Adobe Experience Platform. After Runtime GA, we will plan for the next phase, and we will continue open sourcing SDKs. I can’t wait to see more and more customers solving their problems and benefiting from our platform.

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