New XD Plugin Manifest Q&A

Are you an XD plugin developer with a plugin in the Plugin Manager? If so, you may have read our article yesterday about important changes to the I/O Console and manifest.

Now that we’ve given you an overview of what we did and why it matters, today we’d like to jump into some detailed next steps for you. If you use this article as a resource for updating your existing XD plugin, you should be ready to go the next time you submit an update to your plugin.

Who needs to update the manifest?

New plugin developers who are planning to publish their plugins to the Plugin Manager for the first time, or existing developers who are going to update their current plugins or listings will need to update the manifest before they submit the plugins to the I/O Console.

Why was the manifest changed?

The manifest was updated to reflect the new requirements that will be enforced by the I/O Console, which is the place where you submit plugins to be published in the XD Plugin Manager. We now validate you manifest information on the I/O Console and communicate results immediately back to you. This streamlines the plugin submission process, and can prevent multiple round trips between you as the plugin developer and our team of plugin reviewers.

What XD version is required in the new manifest?

This update is not tied to any XD version. The new manifest is only required for the plugin submission process on the I/O Console.

Will existing plugins stop working?

There is no breaking change on the XD side, so your existing plugins will continue to work. Plugins with the older version of the manifest will still load successfully and work in XD.

Plugins that are already listed in the Plugin Manager won’t be affected. However, if you are going to update your plugin in the Plugin Manager, you will have to update your manifest before you submit the update.

What’s changed in the manifest file?

Here is the new manifest (see new entries in bold):

"id": "EXAMPLE",
"version": "1.0.0",
"host": {
"app": "XD",
"minVersion": "13.0"
"description": "Description of your plugin.",
"summary": "Summary of your plugin.",
"languages": ["en"],
"author": "Your Name",
"helpUrl": "",
"icons": [
{ "width": 48, "height": 48, "path": "images/icon@1x.png" },
{ "width": 96, "height": 96, "path": "images/icon@2x.png" },
{ "width": 144, "height": 144, "path":"images/icon@3x.png"},
{ "width": 192, "height": 192, "path": "images/icon@4x.png"}

"uiEntryPoints": [
"type": "menu",
"label": "EXAMPLE PLUGIN",
"commandId": "test"

As you can see, we have added some fields that could be used to display more details in your Plugin Manager listing in the future.

The new required fields are:

  • description
  • summary
  • languages
  • author
  • helpUrl

Requirements for the icons field have also changed. You must now supply exactly four icons at specific sizes, which are noted above and in our manifest documentation. (Note; the new sizes are different from the previous required icon sizes.)

Note that this only captures the required fields. There are other optional fields you can also choose to add.

To learn about all requirements and options, see the manifest documentation.

How do I know which fields are required for local development vs publishing via the Console?

We have added an additional column, “Required”, in the manifest documentation. This column will tell you which entry of the manifest file is required for development vs publishing the plugin on the Console.

How will the new fields affect my Plugin Manager listing?

They won’t today, but we expect to have a future update to XD that will begin to surface more of this information to your users. By updating the requirements for submission today, we are getting you ready for the future.

If you’ve read this far, you probably have either a plugin in development or a published plugin that is going to need an update to its manifest.

We hope you’ll use this article and our manifest documentation to make the necessary updates before you upload your plugin to the I/O Console. If you have any questions, reach out on the XD plugin developer forums. We’re here to help.