Photoshop as a Service: Give Us Your Early Feedback

Have you ever wished that you could process Photoshop images en mass with server-based Photoshop APIs? That is to say, are you in need of a Photoshop service that can process hundreds of files without ever opening Photoshop? You’re in luck! The Adobe Photoshop API team is searching for developers with specific use cases to join an early stage beta program for Photoshop as a service.

Help us shape the future of Photoshop as a service by applying for the beta program here.

How would Photoshop work as a service? Here are two use cases:

  • Imagine having a folder of PSDs and needing to programmatically render them all into JPEGs in full Photoshop fidelity.
  • Or think about having a base Photoshop file and wanting to change one layer to create a hundred different variations of that base file.

Currently, you would need to open Photoshop and create a batch action or write a script to go through your files. With the new API, you could have an end user run your commands on your files, and they would not need to launch Photoshop as part of the process.

With APIs that interface with Photoshop’s core library, these and many other use cases will be possible. Do you have a use case you’d like to suggest? Be sure to tell us about it in the form, or here in the comments.

Don’t forget, sign up to apply for access to this new API. Morgan Gurfinkel, Senior Product Manager on the Adobe Photoshop team is leading this effort and will follow up with the best candidates