Sharing Your XD Plugin Just Got Easier

Deep links make it easier for users to find your plugin.

Are you an Adobe XD developer with a plugin listed in the Plugin Manager? We’ve just made it easier to help users find your plugin.

This week’s release of Adobe XD 15 includes deep linking; that is to say, you can post a link to your plugin anywhere, and the link will open XD and take the user directly to a download page where they can install it. (Deep links are supported by XD 14 and up, so users on earlier versions will need to update Adobe XD first.)

For example, here’s a link to Lorem Ipsum. Now Pablo Klaschka, the plugin’s developer, doesn’t need to tell potential users to “search for Lorem Ipsum” in the Plugin Manager. You can do the same for your plugin too.

How to create a deep link

You can read all the details in the documentation, but here’s the super short version:

  1. Find your plugin ID number, which can be retrieved from the Adobe I/O Console. Add your plugin ID to the end of this URL:
  2. For example, here’s the deep link for Color Blender from Peter Flynn:

Not only are deep links convenient for your users, they are simple for you to set up as well.

Share your Plugins

Here are some XD plugin developers on Twitter who have already started sharing their plugins using deep links:

Deep links!

Here are deep links to all nine plugins from the prolific Paolo Biagini: App Icon Generator, Calendar, Change Case, Convert Shape, Frame Maker, Ikono, Pattern Maker, Polygons, and Selection.

Now go create your own deep links and share them with the world. If you share on Twitter, use the #XDplugin hashtag.