Use Bots to Get Adobe Sign Updates with Microsoft Flow

Adobe Sign can automatically notify you in Microsoft Teams using bots.

Ever have your boss send you a text to ask for an update instead of looking it up themselves? As it relates to Adobe Sign, this is often my manager asking “Hey, do we have any updates on the contract?”

Messages from your boss often prompt you to have to look up in your apps to answer.

To reply to this, I would have to log into Adobe Sign to check whether a person has signed the contract yet and then reply to the message.

With Adobe Sign for Microsoft Teams, there is a much easier way to reply. When you add the Adobe Sign App in Microsoft Team, you can add the Adobe Sign bot to your channel and check the status right in the context of the conversation. This eliminates a whole bunch of clicks and steps to answer you manager.

What You Need

Installation Notes

In order for the Adobe Sign bot to work within a channel, you will need to add it to your channel during installation.

Screenshot how to install Adobe Sign inside of Microsoft Teams.

Within Microsoft Teams, click the Ellipsis … menu on the left sidebar and select More apps.

Screenshot of Microsoft Teams Store.

In the Store, you will see Adobe Sign and Adobe Creative Cloud listed. You can also install from App Source.

Installation for Adobe Sign in Microsoft Teams.

You can then choose to install Adobe Sign for yourself individually or a specific channel.

Getting Update on Agreements (from Channel)

To get the update on an agreement from within a channel, you can look up that information by typing:

@Adobe Sign check status

Adobe Sign will reply “What is the name of the document you are checking on?”

Then, you can reply with the name of the agreement:

@Adobe Sign Catering Contract

Adobe Sign will reply with an update on that document:

For more information on the integration, see the docs here.

Push Notifications to Microsoft Teams Using Microsoft Flow

If you want to have a bit more tailored notifications into your Channels, such as when agreements are signed, viewed, etc., you can send that notification to Microsoft Teams using Microsoft Flow.

To make this easy to set this up, you can use the Microsoft Flow template to send a Microsoft Teams message when an agreement is signed here.

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