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What’s New in the Premiere Pro 13 API

I’m Bruce Bullis, Senior Engineering Manager for Adobe’s professional video and audio tools. My team and I support integrations across our applications, using scripting, C++ plug-ins, and CEP (Common Extensibility Platform) panels .

Each release, the Adobe Premiere Pro team works with our developer community to improve our APIs; this release has definitely been no exception!

Get and set footage interpretation

All aspects of Premiere Pro’s footage interpretation are now available via API. This enables panels to replace a footage reference, while preserving existing interpretation information the user may have already set.

Get and set sequence settings

Previously, it was possible to clone existing sequences, and create sequences from a sequence preset. It is now possible to get and set each individual setting of existing sequences, providing much more granular control.

Detect trackItems with time changes

There are now functions for identifying which trackItems (most humans call them “clips”) are reversed, have speed adjustments, or are adjustment layers. This important information was previously unavailable.

Open projectItems in the Source monitor

This allows for sequences, multi-cam sequences, still image sequences, and merged clips to be opened in the Source monitor.

Create sub-sequences

Lift or extract sections of existing sequences into new ones, with control over whether or not to adopt the track mapping present in the original.

Close open sequences

Panels can now close superfluous or distracting sequences. This can be useful when the panel has opened or created a sequence, and wants to guide the user to the new one.

Consolidate duplicate footage via API

This allows scripts to invoke the same “Consolidate duplicate footage” functionality available to users, ensuring that the .prproj contains only one reference to each piece of media.

Start coding!

We think many panel partners will want to take advantage of these new features. For any features you may have requested, and which aren’t mentioned above, good news: They’re now that much closer to the top of the API backlog! Feel free to make API feature requests on the PPro SDK Forums.

As always, we love to hear from you. Let us know if you have any questions or issues.

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