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XD-Awesome is Open for Submissions!

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Adobe XD’s plugin ecosystem is growing daily with lots of new plugins, libraries, and content being written for XD. To help you discover that content, we created a GitHub repository called xd-awesome, which will aggregate and showcase awesome open source content for Adobe XD.

What is xd-awesome?

We wanted to have a place where we could aggregate links to useful content so that developers can find what they need when writing an XD plugin. To accomplish that, we created a one-stop shop for cool open source plugins, libraries, utilities, tutorials, and more.

xd-awesome is fairly young, but there’s already some great content there, including:

What belongs in xd-awesome?

Lots of things. If you’ve got open source content in any of the following categories, please, submit it — we’d love to take a look!

  • Plugins
  • Utility libraries
  • Developer tools
  • Plugin project templates
  • Tutorials and guides
  • UI frameworks (and libraries) you’ve managed to get working with XD
  • Useful assets for XD plugin developers (UI kits, icons, and more)

Of course, if you’ve got something you think should belong on xd-awesome that doesn’t fit into the above list, submit it anyway, and we’ll be happy to have that conversation.

Cool! How do I submit something?

Our submission process is really easy:

  • File an issue against the xd-awesome repo with a link to your project, a short description, and why you think it should be included. There’s an issue template that’s provided for you automatically, so you can just fill out the relevant bits.
  • Once the issue has been approved, fork xd-awesome and modify the file with the link and description.
  • Submit a pull request against the xd-awesome repo. Someone from Adobe will review your changes and take care of merging the content. Be sure to reference the original issue number so we have the appropriate context for the PR.

Thanks for your submissions!

We can’t wait to see what kinds of things you’ll create for the XD plugin community, and we’d love to show your contributions off! Plus, the community as a whole will be able to use your contributions to create amazing plugins.

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