XD Plugins Update: Plugin Manager and Console Redesign

Erin Finnegan
Sep 26 · 5 min read

In order to support the XD Plugin Manager redesign, and to improve the developer experience, we’ve redesigned the Adobe I/O Console. This redesign is available to you today.

The I/O Console is used to generate a plugin ID when you build an XD plugin and to list your plugin in the Plugin Manager (if you choose to do so). Starting today, you can use the new Adobe I/O Console to update your plugin listing(s) to prepare for the update to the new Plugin Manager.

First off, we recommend checking out an updated example of a plugin manifest here, which has been greatly simplified (for existing plugins, we have details about what is no longer required on our developer forums). Afterward, read our updated plugin submission guide.

You’ll notice several new fields in the Console, including a requirement to add one screenshot to your listing. (This is only required if you’re updating.)

Starting today, there are new requirements for how you upload your plugin icons:

  • The icons that you include in your .xdx plugin package are used within Adobe XD itself, in the plugins panel where users launch and interact with your plugins. In the .xdx package, you’re now required to provide icons that are 24 x 24px and 48 x 48px.
  • The icons you upload to the I/O Console are used within the XD Plugin Manager, where users discover and install your plugins. Here, you must provide icons that are 48 x 48 px, 96 x 96px and 192 x 192px.

The new .xdx icon requirements represent a simplification over the previous packaging requirements. The I/O Console icons requirements are new, and give you even tighter control over which icons you provide to your users in which context.

Of course, icon requirements can change over time, so always refer to our documentation for the latest information.

Plugin Manager Updates

  1. Categories: including Collaboration, Tools & Automation, Publish & Handoff, Usability & Testing, and Design Assets. Existing plugins have been automatically categorized, and you can edit the assigned category in the I/O Console. We strongly recommend going to the I/O Console, reviewing and updating your listing information, including categories, starting today so that you can ensure your published listing is accurate and reaches the right users.
  2. Screenshots: We’re adding screenshots to Plugin Manager listings. At least one screenshot is required in the Console, and you may provide up to five. Screenshots need to be exactly 1200px wide by 960px high. For existing plugins, the screenshots section will be empty until you go to the I/O Console and upload one.
  3. Coming Soon: We plan to add an indication to users if a plugin requires logging into a third-party service and/or if this third-party service is paid, as well as an indication if a plugin requires working with a third-party application and what platforms this third-party application supports. This information is required, but won’t be included in the Plugin Manager until the release after MAX (scheduled for XD 25 at the time of this writing).

If you don’t submit a patch update before October 16th, your current plugin information will remain the same, and newly added fields will either remain in the default state or remain empty. For example, if you don’t add any screenshots to your listing between now and October 16th, the screenshots section of your listing will be empty when the new Plugin Manager launches.

Countdown to MAX

  1. Today through October 16th: Check out the new I/O Console and submit an update to your listing.
  2. October 16th–November 11th: Plugin review freeze. You’ll be able to submit new plugins and patch updates, but we won’t guarantee they’ll be reviewed during this time.
  3. November 4th: Adobe MAX, the release of XD 24 with updates to the Plugin Manager.

Meet us at MAX

Emerging Tech Partners pavilion
Be sure to swing by Booth 741 “Emerging Tech Partners”, in the South Hall. Meet other XD plugin developers and say “Hi!” to our team from Adobe.

Session: Supercharging your design workflow with XD plugins
Ash Ryan Arnwine and Kerri Shotts are coming back this year with another session on XD plugins. On stage, they’ll help you explore some of the latest plugins available today and show you how simple it is to customize your XD experience with a bit of JavaScript.

Sign up through the MAX session catalog.

XD plugin community labs
Similar to last year, we’ll be back on the pavilion floor to offer you sessions on getting started with the XD plugin APIs. There will be 6 one-hour sessions in total. Please RSVP for the labs here. (The labs aren’t listed in the official MAX schedule or app.)

Don’t forget, October 16th, 2019

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Adobe Tech Blog

News, updates, and thoughts related to Adobe, developers, and technology.

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