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We met in the second grade, but it took 10 year for us to finally end up together. God has woven our story together through hard and happy seasons and we were so excited to start our own family when we got married almost three years ago. We knew going in that we wanted to adopt and have biological children. Almost immediately we started trying to get pregnant to grow our family. It just never happened, so over the last couple of years we have seen doctors to try to learn why we haven’t been able to get pregnant. We don’t have all the answers we want, but we know that God chooses to grow different families in different ways.

We have been praying for over a year about the right time to adopt and our hearts have continued to break more and more for those children who need a forever family. God’s heart breaks for the orphan just as it broke for us as he adopted us into his family. We want to build a family by welcoming in those who don’t have one, because we believe nothing in this world is a more tangible picture of what God has done for us.

While we know that God has given us his heart for orphans, and called us to the journey of adoption, we also know that adoption is not a quick, easy, or simple journey. There is a lot that goes into an adoption. We cannot adopt alone. Our fundraising goal represents the costs for an agency, home study, attorney fees, travel fees, and more. We’re not expecting all of this money to be given in a fundraiser, though; we will also be applying for over 20 grants that are available specifically for adopting families.

Every donation matters and goes a long way towards reaching our goal. We’re asking that you do a few things to help. First, pray. This journey cannot go forward without God working in so many different ways. There are so many updates that will come at different points in our journey. We’ll be applying for grants, submitting paperwork, praying for a match, traveling, and dealing with courts. Prayer will be a key throughout this entire process. Second, give. Pray about how God may lead you to give. Adopt Together is a 501c3 organization that was developed specifically to help adopting families raise money. Third, pass our story along to your network of friends and family. You can re-post it on social media or send it out in an email. We truly cannot adopt alone. Together we can give the gift of family.

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