Re-imagining Twitter

How Chris Sacca’s 8,500 word essay on what Twitter can be, made me rethink the product I used to love.

Re-imagined Twitter design for iOS.

Evolution of the tweet and moving beyond it

  • Tweets that clutter your stream from people you don’t know (or care about) because they were retweeted by someone you follow
  • Tweets that share links without context for what the link contains
  • Tweets that are part of a larger thought or broader conversation with no really easy to understand or view that information in context
  • The same thing being shared by multiple people, making the content feel like spam in your stream
  • A generally content-agnostic approach to the value of a tweet

Introducing Categories, Stories and a more curated user experience

Conceptual redesign of the main screen when a user opens Twitter (and is logged in) on iOS.



An example of a category stream displaying a collection of interesting stories on Twitter right now.
  • Follow the story (saving it into their following category for retrieval later)
  • Retweet the top tweet in the story (sharing the story with their followers)
  • See all tweets about this (opening the story up into an expanded stream sorted by top tweets or all tweets)
View of an opened story. In this case, the NBA Finals Game 1.


Content that is relevant to the user in time and place

  • Interesting — A stream of stories I’m likely to find interesting based on what’s happening in the world and with the people I follow.
  • Live Events — A stream of stories about things that are happening right now.
  • Toronto (enter your city here) — A stream of stories that are about my city and / or the city I’m presently in.
  • News, Tech, Entertainment, etc… — More traditional categories that hopefully are so obvious and intuitive, that we don’t need to go beyond listing them to explain.
  • TV — Pop up a list of stories for all the shows that are on the tube tonight

Categories for what I’m doing or where I am

A new category for F1 Montreal automatically pops up in my app because Twitter detects I’m at the race when I open it.

Final thoughts



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