Kevin Eum
Kevin Eum
Aug 2 · 3 min read

Adriel’s customer reviews walk you through the process of working with our AI platform, with results and feedback directly from businesses just like yours.

​The advertiser we are introducing today is women’s shoe brand Shuda. It’s a Korean export enterprise specialising in high-quality footwear and expert crafting, with all products sourced from the Dongdaemun market.

How is the Shuda team structured?

Since the company was established only a few months ago, there are just two current staff members. They are tasked with buying high-quality products from the Dongdaemun Market, taking professional photographs, creating a website, advertising, arranging distribution and handling customer service. It’s a heavy workload.

But despite that, Shuda made a significant number of sales in those opening months and received multiple international partnership proposals.

“We are covering all the bases right now with positive energy. Dongdaemun wholesalers always say how we have been lucky. The most frequently asked questions are: ‘How could so many people get to know your brand in within just two months and purchase the products?’ and ‘How did you receive those international partnership proposals?’,” says Shuda CEO Bumjun Kim.

Do you have a professional marketing team in your company? If so, are they specialized for performance marketing like Adriel?

With only two members of staff, the company physically doesn’t have the workforce required to handle marketing alongside all of its other priorities.

“Our company’s marketing performance could only be possible through Adriel. Nobody can do marketing well from the beginning with limited infrastructure. However, fortunately, I knew about Adriel before launching. After creating a company web page, I executed the online campaign right away,” says Kim.

This meant that despite having a very small online footprint, Shuda was able to generate thousands of site visitors and significant revenue as a result. And that’s not all.

“While doing overseas marketing through Adriel, the brand was exposed to prominent buyers of editorial shops and received international partnership proposals. It was unbelievable that we could achieve that without having a professional marketer at the company”

Online marketing requires a company to analyze large amounts of data and determine a solution accordingly. What difficulties did you face before using Adriel’s service? If you started online marketing for the first time with Adriel, which element did you like the most?

“Our first step in online marketing was to start with Adriel. I believe Adriel offers the highest convenience because every process is automatic once you have created the campaign.”

“Individual businesses are not familiar with online algorithms and it’s easy to do incorrect targetting by mistake. I want to express our gratitude to Adriel in regard to editing the campaign and sending the notification messages frequently.”

What impact did using Adriel have?

The graph below is the google analytics dashboard of the Shuda website. Even though the campaign length was only 2 months, we could clearly see a boost in performance. In proportion to clicks and views, sales have increased.

“Only within 2 months, we could clearly see a boost in performance. In proportion to clicks and views, sales have increased.”

Google Analytics Traffic before/after

What kind of business expansion plan does Shuda have and what support do you expect from Adriel to put that plan into action?

In the future, Shuda is planning to become the handmade brand that leads K-fashion within the South East Asian Market. To achieve the dream, I want to target the global market through continued use of Adriel’s service.​

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