Kevin Eum
Kevin Eum
Jul 31 · 5 min read

We love case studies. Sure, they’re a chance for us to show you how businesses all over the world are using our technology to streamline and improve online campaigns. But they also offer a peek behind the scenes and, every so often, an unexpected lesson or two.

Best of all is when partners offer feedback on elements of our service or point out the benefits we hadn’t considered before.

Which brings us to what might be a surprising topic for this week’s case study: Mistakes. Why are so many business owners scared of making them, what does that fear mean for online campaigns, and how does Adriel make mistakes worthwhile?

But first let’s introduce the subject of this week’s case study: Navid.

Navid actually runs two businesses, an e-commerce store and a digital agency. The second because his first was so successful.

You don’t have to be a tech genius to use Adriel

When Navid set up his e-commerce store in the late 90s, he was ahead of the curve — a pioneer. Things were also simpler. Advertising online didn’t involve navigating through a bunch of platforms or perfecting the art of targeting.

Now things are different. Navid recommends that his clients hire a consultant to set up and iterate online campaigns — something that’s beyond the budget of the majority of small and medium-sized businesses. He also presents his clients with tools and techniques that have worked for his own e-commerce site.

Which is how he found Adriel.

His first impression was positive. Using the platform required zero technical know-how and he was taken through the process of setting up a professional campaign step by step.

“When you are an entrepreneur running your own company, you have ideas and you need to implement them quickly and simply,” he says. Put another way, there’s no time to waste when you have that moment of inspiration.

“If you can write an email and attach an image, you have enough tech experience to start a campaign with Adriel.”

In business, things don’t always work the first time

Many companies have a limited budget and only a small amount of time to organise marketing efforts. This leaves little room for experimentation and, in many cases, a sense of paralysis. Because getting things wrong can be expensive, an easy choice is to do nothing at all.

But that mindset doesn’t work too well with online advertising. When there’s no guaranteed recipe for success, tests and iterations are needed. Making mistakes and rectifying them is a necessary part of the learning process.

Follow your entrepreneurial instincts without fear

Every business has to be careful about spending and avoid going into things blindly. But as Navid found out, Adriel has measures in place to reduce risk for our clients.

“With Adriel there is zero set-up cost and you only pay for the clicks, so you can start with a small daily budget, create some tests and learn how to improve your campaigns.”

The world of online advertising can be an intimidating place, so our platform was designed with simplicity in mind.

The result is that, as Navid puts it, “you have a tool that allows entrepreneurs to follow their instincts. With simple instructions, you are guided through all the steps required. And because you can start with a small budget, you are not afraid of mistakes.”

Being able to start small is reassuring. On top of that are a number of elements designed to give business owners peace of mind and ultimate control over their marketing spend.

Part of that is taking care of the boring stuff.

“Adriel automatically adapts your campaign to different advertising platforms to save you time.”

We will also update you with simple and clear reports, with a few graphs to show you what is working and what isn’t. You can adapt your ads as and when you like based on that information.

Best of all, Adriel doesn’t cost you anything if it doesn’t work, so the risk is minimal.

More than just an online advertising platform

We aim to go above and beyond the expectations of business owners and marketing managers using the Adriel platform.

On the one hand, it’s very much a simple DIY process. But campaign success is our ultimate priority, so you’ll receive emails and reports with suggestions and tips to improve your campaigns. You can also speak to our support team via email or chat and get a clear overview of your campaigns via an intuitive dashboard.

“The best features are the reports: how your money is spent, clicks, conversions and comparison of your campaign across different platforms.”

Again, simplicity is key. We do our best to present campaign data in a way anyone can understand and act upon.

Harnessing the power of AI

Adriel’s AI technology iterates and optimises campaigns based on past data. It’s an important part of what we do and is fundamental to the way we are able to improve the results of the businesses we work with.

But as proud as we are of our clever algorithms, Navid makes an interesting point: entrepreneurs aren’t that interested in the technology behind what we do, they just want to harness its power!

He also believes that all kinds of business could benefit by using Adriel’s AI and platform, from independent stores and e-commerce sites to digital agencies like the one he runs.

That even goes for companies that only have a small online presence.

“Even for a family business without a website, you can use adverts on social media drive new customers to a store with a small daily budget. Or you could test an idea for your startup, letting Adriel find the right channel and the proper audience.”

Navid also sees potential for agencies who develop websites for clients. “This is a category of professionals that can look really smart thanks to Adriel!” he says. “You can create the first campaign for your client, give them access to the dashboard and let them suggest changes that will make a winning campaign.”

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