Kevin Eum
Kevin Eum
Aug 2 · 2 min read

“Since working with Adriel, Purple Dog’s number of daily service subscribers has increased by 7 times.”

What services does Purple Dog provide?

Purple Dog is a wine subscription service that offers personalised wine curation at a reasonable price. Beyond the wine subscription, they provide a delivery service and extra content that accounts for each customer’s style and preferences.

How does Purple Dog recommend wine based on personal taste?

Behind the wine subscriptions, Purple Dog is an AI startup. Customers’ tastes change with time and the passing seasons, so Purple Dog’s core aim is to construct an automated system that receives and reflects consistent customer feedback. Currently, they collect all wine subscribers’ selections and feedback before analyzing the results.

To provide a curated service, Purple Dog uses a self-developed AI engine alongside customer management tools like GetFeedback and Salesforce.

“Purple Dog could embrace Adriel’s AI-based optimisation for online marketing with confidence because our own personal recommendation service was based on similar technology.”

Website bounce rate decreased from 80% to 60%

Cost per Click (CPC) decreased from 0.5 to 0.25

“Without any marketing expertise, I could analyze the advertising performance data with Adriel’s AI optimization technology and mobile-ready dashboard.”

In the future, Purple Dog will expand its offline business as a result of its online performance. Rather than positioning itself as a regular wine store, the plan is to become a channel that serves paired wines for special cuisines, as part of a wider lifestyle initiative.

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