Kevin Eum
Kevin Eum
Jul 25 · 3 min read

If you’ve taken a look through some of our previous case studies, you’ll know that businesses of all kinds are saving time, winning customers and simplifying their online advertising campaigns with Adriel.

The variety of our clients is something we’re really proud of. And it makes a lot of sense. All business face similar challenges, from cash flow pressures to building online sales, to the hassle of juggling multiple priorities.

Previously we’ve revealed that our technology is being used not only by small and medium-sized businesses but by established marketing agencies as well. Because even the experts are looking for a better way to run online campaigns.

Today we’ve got a quick case study from Paparico, a UK-based marketing and PR consultancy that specialises in combining talent and experience with the latest marketing technology to support their clients.

Managing director Paul Townley-Jones approached Adriel because he wanted to explore using AI for two reasons.

First, to improve the results of Paparico’s client campaigns. And second, to optimise his own company’s workflow.

Making marketing feel like less of a chore

AI is used in all sorts of industries because it’s capable of performing data-heavy (and often quite boring) tasks with speed and accuracy. It can also use that same capability to spot patterns and trends that you’d otherwise need a whole team of skilled data scientists to identify.

When it comes to optimising pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, it’s all about the subtle patterns within the data. Finding out what works and what doesn’t can be arduous, time-consuming and expensive. Paparico felt that Adriel’s AI offered a potential alternative.

One of our aims is to save business owners time by streamlining the entire online campaign process. In this case that meant giving Paparico more bandwidth to provide clients with a more compelling service.

According to Paul Townley-Jones, the most impactful part of using Adriel was the simplistic setup and targeting process. Organising client campaigns in one place rather than across multiple platforms saved Paparico a lot of time.

The results

Often we work with businesses that only have a small amount of data from past campaigns. The good thing about working with established marketing agencies is that they always keep track of historical advertising campaign performance, and so can quickly see the positive impact working with Adriel can have.

Paparico found that their first test campaign on Adriel was positive, beating industry benchmark key performance indicators for cost per mile and cost per click.

We achieved 1.5X benchmark on CPM and 1.4X benchmark on CPC”,

Essentially what that means is that a test run using Adriel outperformed the agency’s standard campaign creation methods, reducing the cost of each click with a smarter, better-targeted campaign.

But targeting is only half of the challenge. Our users still have to write compelling copy, choose the right images and create effective landing pages — something you can read more about here, in case you’re interested.

The bottom line is that Paparico found genuine value when using Adriel, financially and in terms of our most precious commodity: time.

Adriel made it easy to define a target audience and push online ads across multiple platforms. “The process is much simpler than using Google and Facebook separately.

He also suggested that Adriel should add compatibility with Bing, LinkedIn and Twitter to help clients build broader campaigns in the future. Paul, we’re already working on it!

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