Kevin Eum
Kevin Eum
Jul 29 · 5 min read

Q. How much does it cost to launch a campaign with Adriel?

Creating ads with Adriel is free. You only pay when a potential customer clicks your ad to visit your website. In other words, when your advertising is working.
In general, Adriel users pay $0.3-$0.6 per potential customer, which is the costs charged by advertising platforms such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads Manager, and Adriel’s percentage-based fee(19%) of the amount spent on your advertising.

Q. When will I first be billed?

You only pay when someone clicks your ad. We’ll charge your card automatically as and when your ad receives clicks or impressions.

Upon launching a campaign, we hold a security deposit amounting to your campaign’s daily budget. This step is necessary for us to ensure that the billing credit card information is valid. This is not an actual charge and it will be reflected back in your credit card account in a few working days. As long as the campaign is running, we will place aside a security deposit once in every 24 hours that correspond to the current daily budget set.

Q. How often will I be billed?

Actual advertising cost and related fee will be charged after 3 days of running a campaign. If your campaign ends before 72 hours, you will be charged at the point of the campaign end. If your campaign runs longer than 3 days, you will be billed every 72 hours.

Q. Is there a minimum spend requirement?

You can start an ad campaign at a minimum level of a budget of 12 dollars a day.

Q. Can I stop my ads at any moment?
Yes, once your ads are active and running, you can stop them anytime you want. You only pay for the period that your ads have actually run.

Q. How does a coupon work?
Coupon codes are applied to your ad account as a credit and are deducted from your balance due. If your campaign spend exceeds the amount of your coupon code, your credit card will be charged. To ensure your campaign does not spend over the coupon code amount, be sure to set a total budget for the same amount as your coupon code.

Q. How effective are ads with Adriel?

Using machine-learning technology, Adriel can quickly establish the most effective digital marketing strategy keeping in mind your targets, advertising platforms, budget and more.

Adriel will scale better performing audience, allocate more budget to promising platforms, stop bad performing ads and exclude inefficient audience.

To evaluate ad performance, Adriel furnishes you with easy-to-understand daily reports on top-level results and data. You may also deep dive into aspects of your account to draw learning outcomes that can be fed into future campaigns.

Q. Where will my ads be running?

Today, Adriel runs ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram, which represent over 90% of digital ad channels worldwide, making it possible to generate the most effective marketing strategy for you.

Q. How much do I need to know about marketing to launch ads on Adriel?

You don’t have to worry about not having any experience or knowledge in marketing. There is absolutely no need for you to research and pick up new marketing jargons and concepts.

Simply tell Adriel about your business and sit back as its built-in Artificial Intelligence churns out an optimized digital marketing plan for you. Developed with machine learning-based technology, Adriel is able to collect and analyze data, while recommending the most effective strategy in real-time.

Q. What do I need to start a campaign with Adriel?

You only have to upload an image and some texts. Let Adriel take care of everything else.

Adriel will automatically edit and design variations of banner ads in different sizes and styles drawing information from your website, product images and copies. Adriel automatically selects the right font type, locates texts, customizes the ad size and adjusts images according to the display specifications of various channels. This ensures that ad deliverables are produced in the right image size and format, in record time.

Q. Should I Use Hashtags on My Instagram Ads?

While you should place hashtags on every single Instagram post (preferably at least eleven of them), they don’t necessarily belong on Instagram Ads. Hashtags on Instagram Ads can look slightly out of place. Most brands just don’t use them. The ads look cleaner with simple, concise text.

Your ads also won’t show up in searches like regular posts because they aren’t regular posts. You’re paying for increased visibility, so there isn’t a need to add hashtags on your post for this purpose.

Q. For the ad image, can I use an ad image that has a lot of words?

We strongly recommend using an image that’s eye-catching and without much text. For Facebook, ads with more than 20% texts over an image get penalized and do not perform well. The same condition is advised for Google Display Ads.

Q. How long does it take to launch a campaign with Adriel?

Once you’ve successfully completed a 5-minute chat with Adriel, you will receive a customized campaign proposal right away. All you have to do before launching a campaign is to set your own schedule and budget. Start a campaign within a day!

Q. My campaign is in review status. When can I expect it to be finished?

Your campaign is being reviewed to ensure it is safe, appropriate, and comply with each platform’s advertising policies. All content in your ad is reviewed, including your headline, description, keywords, destination and any images and video. During this process, the ad’s status will be “In review”.

The advertising platforms review most ads within 1 business day, though some more complex reviews may take longer. Your ads will be approved if they find the ad doesn’t violate any policies and your campaign status will be turned active and start to run. If the review indicates that your ad violates a policy, your ads can’t show anywhere and you’ll be notified of the policy violation and told what you can do next.

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