Impact of COVID19 on TV advertising: 19% drop in ad minutes in Croatia, only 3% in Austria since 16 March

Mar 23 · 3 min read

In Croatia, we can clearly see that the week of 16 March was the first week when COVID19 had a measurable effect on actual ongoing TV campaigns. Overall, compared to the previous week, 13% less ad minutes could be identified. Most notably, this effect was driven by reductions in RETAIL (-40%), PERSONAL & BODY CARE (-31%) as well as PHARMA & HEALTHCARE (-20%). The TELCO segment on the other hand was actually more active than before with a significant increase of +63% in ad minutes. The overall impact was felt almost equally strong by all three major broadcaster groups.

In Austria, on the other hand, the effect was somewhat reduced with an overall drop of only 3%. Either a more substantial effect is still outstanding — or it has already taken place slowly over the course of the previous four weeks. Most notably, short-term changes were driven by reductions in RETAIL (-33%) and PERSONAL & BODY CARE (-37%). The TELCOS (+30%) as well as CLOTHING (+41%) on the other hand were actually more active than before with a significant increase. On the broadcaster side the effects were different across all major groups: while IP remained stable, P7S1P4 and ORF booked moderately drops in ad minutes compared to the previous week.

Current “Thank You” Kaufland campaign in Croatia

Overall, while we can expect campaigns to be canceled or reduced, many advertisers are actually repurposing their on-air time rather than scrapping activity altogether.

We already see typical changes in actual messageing and strategy, such as Kaufland in Croatia, a major retailer, moving from typical offer-focused communication towards ads which are relevant to the crisis and emotionally communicate gratitude towards cashiers and supermarket employees.

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👁🧲 Enriching the TV ecosystem through data-driven approaches.



👁🧲 Enriching the TV ecosystem through data-driven approaches

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