👁🧲Unsurprising #AdScanner insight of the day: when TV viewers tune into a TV channel where ads are currently showing, 48% immediately leave and don’t come back. ⛔

You might think 48% is not that bad and that at least they saw an ad or two, but the average dwelling time of 4,9 seconds speaks for itself. Dear broadcasters, it’s time to harmonize ad break placement vs. churn, instead of “roadblocking” with simultaneous ad breaks!

About AdScanner:

AdScanner offers a TV DMP solution for data-driven TV advertising and control. We help optimize our clients’ TV strategies, stay on top of their competitors’ activities and deliver a higher degree of transparency and speed overall in the TV ad ecosystem. We have developed a proprietary video recognition for the automated detection and analysis of TV ads and content. We integrate all identified ads and metadata in our user-friendly Cockpit dashboard, coupled with next-generation audience measurement data from IPTV households. This enables us to give unique quantitative and qualitative insights into the performances of TV campaigns and TV content — on a second-by-second basis.

Our products & services include:

BUZZ: receive automated alerts via email i.e. whenever your competition airs a new TV ad or is starting to outperform you
REPORT: standardized weekly or monthly analyses via email
COCKPIT: access our unique TV analytics dashboard to visualize and benchmark performances of ad campaigns and content. View timetables, channel mixes, daypart mixes, placement mixes, EPG category analyses and play or download the actual ads. Find, define and track your ideal target group and identify which channels and EPG events are the best match
TV SYNC: fully automated synchronization between TV ads and digital campaigns. Our spot recognition algorithm identifies your TV ads or your competitors’ ads in real-time and communicates with ad servers to serve digital ads to users’ second screens during the ad break on TV
TV DMP FOR TELCOS: we take your raw data, normalize it, aggregate it and turn it into TV metrics and audience segment data ready to be monetized

Interested? We’d love to hear from you and show you how we can help you take your TV game to the next level.

Marin Curkovic