Adshares launches ADS Wallet. Another milestone on our journey to transform programmatic advertising.

Jan 16 · 5 min read

As we are entering 2019, we are happy to announce that ADS Wallet browser extension has been just published at Chrome Web Store and Firefox Add-ons site.
ADS Wallet is a secure identity vault for Adshares. It is designed to store your keys and provide cryptographic transaction signing. It can also be used to send basic transactions. Our wallet provides integration with internal and external services connected to Adshares network. It is a convenient, free, open-source client-side tool. There are two versions of the plugin — the first one works with Chrome and Opera browsers, while the other one was designed for Mozilla Firefox.

ADS Wallet can be used by two types of users:

  • those who don’t have a seed phrase yet
  • those who already have ADS account and a seed phrase — i.e. the ones who converted ADST to ADS and/or recover their accounts — e.g. install the plugin again

What is important, it also supports testnet, so each user can try it prior to handling actual transactions or storing real keys. The plugin operated in testnet mode uses testnet accounts.

Let’s start with the main panel. Depending on whether you already have a seed phrase, you can either create a new vault or recover the one you already have. In case you don’t have a seed phrase, you need to follow the procedure described below.

Once you hit start, the plugin asks you to enter and confirm the password. After accepting the Terms of Use, the plugin assigns a seed phrase. As soon as you write down the seed phrase and store it in a safe place, you are good to go. At this point, you can choose either get a free account (green button) or import account that you already have (blue button). Based on the seed phrase a set of keys is generated. All keys, which are cryptographically protected by the password, are stored locally on a device and are not archived or sent anywhere. It’s important to keep that in mind, as the seed phrase is the only way of recovering the vault.

At this point, you can use the plugin to sign ADS Operator transactions. In case you want to send transactions directly, it is necessary to import an account first. The procedure is straightforward — you just hit Menu Icon -> Settings -> “Add account” button, provide account name & address and authenticate the operation with your password.

In case you are one of the users who already have a seed phrase, you have to begin with clicking “Restore the vault from a seed” button. The next step requires entering your seed phrase and password. Once you are done you have to import your account. The procedure is the same for users who have a seed phrase as well as for the ones who don’t.

Apart from transferring assets to other accounts, users can view their account balance in real time. Our plugin can serve more than one vault, and each of the vaults can serve up to 20 accounts. In order to switch to a different wallet you just need to click the wallet name no the top of the plugin and select the one you want to use from a dropdown list.

It’s also worth mentioning that our Chrome version of our plugin supports Google Chrome synchronization, which means that it can be synchronized across many devices. We also plan to add additional features, such as multi-transfers and key changes.

Sending transfers is also very straightforward. You just hit “Send Transaction” button in the main panel, provide the ID of the account you want to transfer your ADS to, enter the amount and write a message in hexadecimal format (0–9; A-F; up to 64 characters) or alternatively a regular text (up to 32 characters). In the next step you need to review transfer data. At this point you can also tick “Advanced data” to view all information that will be sent to the blockchain. Once you accept the transaction you’ll get a transaction ID along with the fee information. The blockchain charges 0.1% fee in case of transactions between nodes and 0.05% in case of transactions within the same node.

Once you click the transaction ID, you are transferred to the Block Explorer, where you can check your account balance. It’s visible after approx. 15 minutes, as soon as the blockchain scans it. It is also possible to access Block Explorer from the main panel after clicking the “Details” button.

ADS Wallet also offers private keys import. In order to import your private key you need to access the menu from the main panel, then go into Settings. Next, you simply hit “Manage keys” and “Import new key”. It’s necessary to type in your key name and private key. The plugin can also check if the private key is correct. It’s possible to verify it using your public key. You can view your keys once you click the yellow icon.

Please keep in mind that it is not possible to recover private keys that were imported manually after uninstalling the plugin, as all private keys are stored only locally. In case of accounts with such keys (e.g. genesis block accounts) we recommend changing keys to seed-phrase-based keys. For security reasons we also advise not to use the master key and to use one key with one account only.

ADS Wallet uses our own JSON-RPC to communicate with blockchain. It is publicly available on our GitHub account along with the documentation.

For some users it may be more convenient to use the plugin in a separate browser window. In order to switch to this mode you just need to click “Expand view” in the Main Menu.


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