Adshares’ own blockchain (ADS)

The ADS Blockchain is a fork of the Enterprise Service Chain (ESC), a blockchain software technology capable of facilitating high volumes of simple transactions which, similarly to other cryptocurrencies, allows sending tokens between user accounts.

ESC derives its name from the concept of the Enterprise Service Bus, where a cryptocurrency is used as the communication protocol.

Adshares — Blockchain Revolution in Advertising

The Adshares team is developing an open-source technology implementing a decentralised marketplace for programmatic advertising. Our advertising ecosystem is the answer to negative trends in digital marketing — lack of transparency allowing intermediaries to charge high fees and increasing centralisation which creates an opening to censor unwanted content.

Adshares uses the blockchain to connect Publishers with relevant Advertisers, allowing them to make direct transactions using our cryptocurrency network.

While building the ADS cryptocurrency ecosystem we are designing it to be a much more efficient business space for all involved parties.

  • Advertisers, winning with our unusually low fee and transparent, open-source and blockchain based programmatic advertising ecosystem.
  • Publishers, winning with Adshares’ low margins and the possibility to setup their own adserver, forking our technology for a very small fee.
  • Master node operators, winning with ADS blockchain being able to process huge numbers of transactions per second, even on commodity machines, allowing them to earn even more on transaction processing.
  • The hodlers (hello!), winning with ADS currency, as it is being used to buy services in a very real and growing market, having dividends implemented as a bonus
  • And, last but not least, connecting aspects of hodling, master node operating and publishing to gain even more with the synergy our network has to offer!

Testing the foundation of the ecosystem

The whole ecosystem is founded on our proprietary blockchain technology designed from the ground up to handle high volumes of transactions in a fast, secure and efficient way.

Test environment:

  • 5 masternodes
  • 3 of 5 masternodes accepting user transactions

Masternodes’ dedicated servers’ configuration:

  • Intel(R) Core(TM) i7–6700K
  • 32GB RAM
  • 480 GB SSD

Our test results:

Our ADS blockchain is peaking at 1.4M transfers per second when sending multi transfers from 1 to 1000 accounts.

ADS is using almost 90Mb of bandwidth in the peak moments.

The masternodes that process clients’ transfer requests are using less then 30% of CPU in peak moments, the other masternodes that do not process clients’ requests are using less then 7% of CPU.

On average we were processing around 800k transfers per second during 60 minutes of testing.

Following the test results we dare to say that our ADS blockchain is pretty fast, and we are certain it is more than adequate to serve the world-wide advertising network.

Let’s do a little thought experiment, our initial business target is to get 1 million advertisers to use our network:

  • 1 million advertisers
  • every hour each advertiser sends transaction to 1000 recipients (publishers)
  • this gives us a figure of 1 billion transfers every 3600 seconds, which would require our ADS blockchain to process a little over 277 thousands of transfers every second.

1.4M transfers per second is not a limit of our blockchain technology. The number of transfers per second is already high enough for our initial ecosystem, that is why we are now focusing our effort on more important priorities of our:

Advertising Revolution Roadmap

At Adshares we do believe in blockchain, ICO, open-source, decentralization and the transparency that is why we are showing our progress on our Adshares’ organization Github account every day.

In August we are first releasing our ADS blockchain and then in the last days of the month the open early alpha version of our advertising ecosystem.

If you share our interests and beliefs or if you just want to get on the best blockchain programmatic advertising ecosystem with the most advanced development progress then:

Thank You,

Adshares Team

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