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ADST to ADS — community-based conversion

Adshares — it is all about values

Adshares is a decentralized marketplace for programmatic advertising. Our open ecosystem allows anyone to start offering ad-related services in a fair and transparent market. This is pretty amazing if you look at the current landscape of the advertising market.

No doubts that the technology behind Adshares is innovative, however, there is something far more important. It’s what we believe in.

At Adshares we believe in the power of the open-source community and the transparency of blockchain — that is why we are showing our progress on our Github account every day, and we are working on a blockchain based ecosystem. We cherish truth, honesty and have faith in the decentralization and the censorship-free Internet. We proudly say — live by ads, because it is first truly decentralized ecosystem.

Read about Censorship by Google, and contemplate, if a company or any government should be so strong to quiet all those, who are too weak to advocate by any other mean at the current moment. All power to search for information is given to Google, initially, a search engine enabling the growth of the Internet, now following different governments leads to suppress the Information and to quiet us globally.

Adshares is not about a group or an individual controlling the market, but about creating a decentralized space for the market to grow freely. We believe that this freedom will make more innovation blossom and more freedom will follow.

Founded with Initial Coin Offering

Adshares has been founded using ICO and ADST, an ERC20 based token. We have completed ICO founding in January 2018.

When it comes to the ICO movement, we think that it is all about being honest and having a dream that requires community support. If someone is just looking for money, they should not engage in starting an ICO.

We have a harmonious community of true Adshares believers, who have burned a considerable amount of their ADST tokens to join genesis block and to become ADS masternode operators. The rest of ADST tokens may ❤ be available on Cryptopia for trading.

Converting ADST to ADS in simple steps

We want our community to be involved in the first stage of conversion, as described in our previous article Live by ADS.

For this we have created a separate telegram group where masternode operators should connect with ADST holders, and follow instructions.

If you are a masternode operator or want to convert your tokens ADST to ADS coins, join

The entire conversion process consists of 5 simple steps:

  • generating public keys
  • getting an account
  • checking your account
  • burning tokens
  • checking the status of the conversion

Please follow our instructions here:

Last word but not least

If you are new to Adshares or would like to learn more please:

Thank You,

Adshares Team

For I know the plans I have for you


Blockchain in advertising


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Blockchain in advertising

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