Blockchain-based digital advertising? It’s closer than you think! Adshares delivers AdServer Release Candidate.

Feb 1 · 5 min read

Have you ever hosted banner ads on your website or used web banners to promote your business, product or service online? If you have, it is very likely that you have wondered if digital advertising couldn’t be cheaper, more transparent and more effective? Over the past years the market has been monopolised, which resulted in high and hidden fees, lack of transparency and censorship. What’s even worse is that these are only some of the issues that both the advertisers and the publishers are struggling with. Adshares is here to change the status quo.

Our ecosystem is the answer to negative trends in programmatic advertising, and the AdServer Release Candidate is another important step in our quest to fix what is wrong in this market. We have recently promised to publish it at the beginning of 2019, and we are delighted to announce that the AdServer Release Candidate is already available for testing.

To make things easier let’s start with a brief description of what the AdServer consists of:

  • Advertiser module: defining campaigns, setting campaign budget and targeting. Before launching a campaign, the advertiser has to transfer ADS to the account and provide a minimum amount for a 1-hour campaign. Once all is set, the campaign, along with all related information, is distributed across the network. Based on results, funds are transferred every hour directly to the publisher.
  • Publisher module: registering websites on which banners will be displayed, generating code to be placed on websites. The module automatically scans Adshares network in search of ads.
  • AdSelect module: handling ads displaying. AdSelect learns based on interaction history, views, payments and credibility of the advertiser. The module optimises ads selection in order to maximise publishers’ revenue. As soon as the advertisement is selected and the campaign is live, all events are passed to the Advertiser module and to the Publisher module.
  • AdPay module: calculating funds. Based on campaign results, the AdPay module decides once per hour how much should be transferred from the advertiser to the publisher. The transfer is made every hour, and the publisher can withdraw funds instantly. The advertiser sets the total budget for the entire campaign and the maximum budget for a specific event (CPM and CPC).

AdServer Release Candidate is basically a demo of key components of the Adshares ecosystem that features a user-friendly web interface. There are two panels available — one for advertisers and one for publishers. The selection dropdown is available in the upper left corner. Each of the panels offers a wide range of settings and options. Both, the advertisers and the publishers, also have access to history, as well as to e-mail and password settings. We have also built a demo website, which showcases how banners can be displayed on publishers’ sites, depending on a device and window size.

If you’re curious how to display your banner ads across Adshares network or how to join our ecosystem and become one of the publishers, just keep reading. ;)

Let’s assume that you want to advertise your business or product and you already have banners of various sizes. First of all, you need to join the Testnet. Then you must register on the platform and confirm your registration via email. The next step is the selection of Advertiser’s panel, in which you will find all campaign settings. Before uploading your banners and going through the campaign settings, it’s necessary to transfer ADS from the Testnet wallet to your account. Once your funds are on the account, you are good to go. At this point, you need to create a new campaign, upload your banners and choose settings. Your ads will be displayed on our partners’ websites. Once your campaign is up and running, you can check how each of the banners is performing and make some adjustments to the campaign in case it’s needed. In order to achieve the best results, we advise to always upload banners in all formats supported by the platform.

All events are balanced on an hourly basis, and payments are made instantly, which helps optimising campaign settings.

In the case of publishers, it is also very straightforward. Once you register and confirm your registration via email, you need to select “Publisher” in the upper left corner. Next, you have to define a site you want to place banners on and then determine ad unit. The last thing you need to do is to generate the code and put it on your website.

In case you placed your code on more than one website you can manage all sites from “My sites” page. There is also “My ad-units” page where you generate code based on banner dimensions.

Payments from advertisers are made on an hourly basis, which lets the publisher see immediate effects of campaigns and withdraw funds right away.

The AdServer Release Candidate is a fully functional platform that can be already tested both by the advertisers and the publishers. Since all features are operational, over the coming weeks we plan to get some feedback from the community and deploy a production version in cooperation with our Clients and Partners.

Today’s deployment is a significant achievement for the entire Adshares community. It is a result of several months of hard work, and a basis for future development of the platform.

If you are new to Adshares or would like to learn more about our blockchain-based advertising ecosystem, please follow us on Twitter and share your thoughts on our Telegram group.


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