Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is one of the most promising marketing segments which will benefit from using Adshares technology. Influencers network are made of thousands of individuals who use their social media presence to advertise products. It is a new approach to marketing which proved to be really effective and is growing fast.

Typical influencers campaign is quite simple. The company creates a campaign and set tasks which it wishes to be performed by influencers and how much they wish to pay for it. Influencers then join campaign and perform these tasks. Results are measured and appropriate payouts are assigned to influencers based on the performance of their actions. It fits very well with our approach to ads market.

One of the problems faced by companies in the influencer marketing segment are payments to their influencers. The typical company has tens of thousands of such influencers in many countries. The simple task of having to pay them all using traditional channels is quite challenging. Especially that payout amounts can be low in many instances.

We are currently in talks with several big players in this space and you can expect to hear from us soon with some exciting announcements. Stay tuned!