One day after ICO start

This was a rocky start. Once our ICO contract went online we reached over 50% of our target in under an hour. It was looking great, but then things stalled. It seems we should have invested more into marketing and community building before the start.

We started in a far from the perfect moment. There were many other ico’s that day and that day we witnessed severe sell-off in the market. I think this is part of the reason why some people started to withdraw their ether. Another reason was simply that crowdsale stalled so there seemed to be no quick path to gathering our minimum target soon.

It might have gone better but we are optimistic. We got recognition and we can definitely fend off any accusations of scam. We had around 2300 ETH in the contract and exactly as was promised anybody could withdraw their contribution whenever he feels like it. What is even more important is that we got a lot of support and many people have seen potential in our idea.

When will we go from here? Our ICO model is designed to allow us to perform a slow start. We will spend upcoming days building a community around Adshares Network and spreading our idea. Prepare for a series of articles which will explain in details how our system will work. We hope you will like it.

I will end with a request. If you like this project and see potential in it please send even the smallest contribution of one token. It is really important for us, to know how many people support us but we totally understand your reservations about committing large sums to our project in such early stages. Remember you can always withdraw your contribution so you can treat our contract as sort of a strange wallet for your ETH :)