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Top Instagram Advertising Tips Every Business Should Use in 2019

Advertising has many forms and every advertising has its own impact.

Which form of advertising appeals which kind of visitors- you never know.

One of them that is burgeoning at a faster rate is Instagram Advertisements.

Nowadays the indulgence of people on the social media platform is remarkable.

This the reason why social media management has become a great task in itself.

To ease the work there are several social media management tools available in the market.

Hence, if the motive is to drive huge traffic, conversions and brand awareness through social media Ads then Instagram ad targeting is a good choice to make.

Instagram has never been so popular as it is now.

No doubt…

Instagram has emerged as one of the topmost channels for marketing.

Let’s have a look at the Insta popularity.

Brand engagement of people on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest and 84 times higher than the Twitter.

Invested a huge amount of money to drive the best output from Instagram Ads but still not happy…

Why so?

The figures envisage from the Instagram Ad is lost somewhere.

Don’t worry you are not the only victim.

The same issue is faced by thousands of people when it comes to Instagram Ads

There may be ample reasons which may hamper the productivity of your Ads.

Most importantly you need to do it in the right way.

This is the very basic step every advertiser need to work on.

Before diving deep into Instagram Ads, firstly we need to know:

How to create Instagram ads

To select Instagram as a placement for your ads:

  • Visit Ads Manager.
  • Select + Create.
  • Select an objective, that can leverage ad placement on Instagram.
  • Choose Continue.
  • Fill the details for your ad set.
  • In placements section, you can choose Edit placements and select Instagram to place your Ads on Instagram. In case, you select automatic placements, your ad will be placed across a variety of Facebook placements, which includes Instagram also to make the best out of your ads.
  • Select Continue.

You can finish your Ad creation by filling necessary details related to the identity of Ad, Ad format and related links.

Check the Preview before submitting.

Your Ad will be on Instagram once it gets approved.

Now it’s time to discuss how to make the Insta Ads more effective, it’s necessary to understand the various:

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Types of Insta Ads

Picture Ads

The name of the Ad format clearly states what is picture Ad.

Picture Ad allows you to present the Ad in the form of pictures.

This the most common ad format used in Instagram advertising.

Advertisers can also present the sponsored Ad presenting the product or service they are selling.

Video Ads

Video ad format allows you to present the Ad in the form of video.

Using the video ads, you can enhance the appeal of your Ads.

Additionally, a more pleasant user experience can be delivered.

It is a good medium to make the Ads visually attractive.

The duration of these Ads can be up to 30 seconds which was only 15 seconds earlier.

Carousel Ads

This is the kind of Ad format in which you can present multiple images just in one Ad.

It is an Ad format that gives you the platform to showcase your creativity.

Now it’s up to you how well you use this platform.

Storytelling is much easier with carousel Ads if you are looking forward to.


This ad format is somewhere similar to the carousel Ads.

Using this Ad format you can add up to 10 images along with the music.

Images will be automatically scrolled in the slideshow format.

Canvas ads

Now coming to the end, its time to mention the Canvas Ads.

These ads provide truly an amazing experience to the users by providing 360 VR experience in the story.

The main thing with such Ads is they are supported on the mobile devices only.

Images, videos, and carousel as well can be easily added in Canvas Ads.

Ultimately which ends up providing information to the audience in the best way.

From the advertiser point of view, there is no hassle as they are easily customizable.

Hopefully, now you are well-versed with various formats of Ad.

You can make the use of these Ads for effective marketing as per the requirement of your business.

We can easily encounter thousands of Instagram Ads whenever we access Instagram.

The picture is quite clear that the competition is tough.

In such scenarios, there has to be some X factor that can make the Insta Ads stand out.

Hence, if you are also looking forward to making the best out of Instagram ads then have a look at

Tips for advertising on Instagram

Tip 1#

Make complete use of targeting option to get the quality traffic

Targeting is all meant to fetch the valuable traffic and maximize the conversions from the Ads.

With this statement, it’s pretty clear that how important the targeting is.

Targeting done in the right manner can resolve your purpose to get the quality traffic for your business.

Make use of features like lookalike audience and remarketing for effective targeting

Lookalike audience:

Lookalike feature allows you to target the audience which looks alike existing audience.

To be precise, the feature analyzes your existing audience on the basis of demographics, behavior, interests etc.

In this way, you can create a custom list of the audience that is similar to the audience.

With this approach, it will be easy to target the right audience that can end up with the conversion.


This is another effective move to maximize the conversions from the Instagram Ads.

Remarketing is an approach where the previous visitors of the website are targeted.

These are the audience who have visited the website earlier but didn’t make any purchase.

Such type of audience is more likely to convert.

For remarketing purpose, you can customize your audience and target the people who visited your website earlier.

To be more specific, make use of modifiers also.

This will help to target the users on the basis of action taken on the website.

For example: If someone is abandoning the cart you can target the cart abandoners specifically with a relevant message in your Ad.

Usage of advanced targeting option assists you to not only get the most relevant segmented audience but also to improve the click-through rate.

Audience targeting plays a very crucial role, this is the reason why it is the part of advertising on Instagram tips.

Tip 2#

Enhance the quality of your Insta ads using zoom in feature

The customer is the king of the market, the better you serve the king, the better response you will get.

Now Instagram ads can serve the audience with a better shopping experience.

As they can monitor the product closely with the zoom in feature of Instagram.

Using the new feature of Instagram now its feasible for the audience to zoom in the pictures and video to have a better view.

Every new feature added, brings some kind of ease and aids in making the user experience better.

Thus, it is required to make the best use of every feature to enhance the quality and bring the best out of the ads.

Make your Instagram advertisements stand out so that they are easily noticeable by the audience.

Tip 3#

Never forget to add call-to-action in your Instagram Ads

A good Ad can never be completed without call-to-action.

What is the use of an appealing and good Ad copy if it is unable to convert the potential customers.

After a lot of efforts and hard work, an Ad is created.

The moment an Ad is successful to catch the attention of the users what will be the next role played by the people?

Obviously, they will look forward to figuring out what to do next.

Here comes the need of a call to action.

Your call to action will guide them for further proceedings.

Call to action that you opts for your business gives a strong message to the users.

For instance, If you wanna advertise for online baby apparels you can make use of babies in the Ad.

Additionally, to increase the download rate of the baby apparel app, you can use CTA like “Install Now”.

Addition of such urgent words in the CTA creates the sense of urgency and also make a quick impact on the users’ mind.

Tip 4#

Make use of Instagram tools to make the Ads more effective

Changes and modifications are the parameters opted to make the things better than their earlier version.

You might have noticed that even after the launch of the product, the manufacturers keep on working toward the betterment of it.

Or we can say, to aid the audience to serve with the better experience.

Similarly, Instagram also works to serve the customers with amazing marketing platform.

Therefore, there is a lot that can be done with Instagram.

Use filters, special effects, and other tools add visual appeal to the images.

It allows you to track the performance, betterment of the pictures and much more.

Understand the value and usability of each tool, infuse them into your Ads and create more creative Ads.

It totally depends on the advertiser how creative he is and how well the tools are being used.

Apart from this, Instagram also provides analytics tool to understand your audience.

It is easy to track the audience on the basis of their age, gender, location etc.

Most importantly, you can find out on which days the users are more active.

Such metrics help to target the audience through your Instagram ads in a better way.

Full usage of Insta tools is among the advertising on Instagram tips to make the Ad more creative and productive.

Tip 5#

Study your competitors and work on the Ads accordingly

No doubt, competition is really tough in the market when it comes to advertising.

Every now and then is opting for Advertisement on social media.

So, if in such a scenario you wanna mark the presence of your Ad then you need to think two steps ahead of your competitors.

And to stay ahead, you must be aware of what all your competitors have in their Ads.

Good advertisement can give thousands of inspiring creative ideas, that can be used in the Ads.

Study and analyze what is unique in the other’s ads.

Take the ideas, give them a personal touch of creativity and make them ready to face the competition.

This is one of the effective tips when one is seeking eagerly advertising on Instagram tips.

Tip 6#

Make use of human faces in the pictures

Pictures are the best way to intrigue the emotions among the people.

Better the picture is, more it will be appealing.

Instead of using normal pictures, it’s better to use human faces with emotions.

This is because real emotional pictures lead to the arousal of feeling more quickly.

Such pictures directly create a bond with the audience.

In return, such kind of ads is found more likable by the users.

It has been observed that images with human faces perform around 40% better on Instagram.

Apart from this, emotions in pictures also give the feel as if the visitors are living the moment in present.

Hence, adding such pictures in the Ads not only increases visual compatibility but also gives an emotional touch.

Tip 7#

Add stories on the Instagram

Another important point to be mentioned in advertising on Instagram tips.

Now you might be thinking that what is the benefit of adding stories on Instagram.

But Yes, stories do matters…

Do you know where the stories generally appear?

They appear just on the top of the timelines and this page is generally visited by the audience on daily basis.

This show the visibility of the Instagram stories is really high which makes it capable to grab the immediate attention.

The duration of the story stay is 24 hours but the best part is it can be saved in the devices and used later.

Although the Instagram stories are quite similar to the Snapchat stories, but you do not need to check the news feed for that.

Insta stories are visible right in front of your eyes as you visit the timeline.

Make sure the stories don’t appear like the ordinary stories.

After all, you have to impress the users through your ads.

Make it attractive using the stickers, filters, drawing tools wherever required.

Tip 8#

Increase the productivity of the ads using famous hashtags

There are a lot of photos and video that comes across the way while scrolling.

So, in the hassle of scrolling make yourself noticeable using the popular hashtags.

Additionally, you can create your own hashtag as well.

This will help the audience to use the same hashtag when they use the products of your brand.

Hashtags are the great medium to enhance brand visibility and make it popular.

As a result, you can have more engagement of the people in your brand.

Make sure that you don’t overuse the hashtags thinking that it will be good for engagement.

It gives the feeling of desperateness.

Tip 9#

Choose the best time to display your Ads

Target the right people at right time is the secret to making the best use of the advertisement.

The ad-schedule feature of Instagram allows you to have this privilege.

NOTE: But you can use this option with lifetime budgeting only.

Every business has some peak hours and days in which the sales figure are endless.

You just need to figure out that right time to target the audience

For example:

The best time to run a club is at night. And the crowd of the clubs is generally high at the weekends.

In the same way, the sale of the clothing outlets is at peak during the weekend daytime.

Hence, there is the best time to posting the Ads on Instagram as well.

The best time to post on Instagram is between 8–9 AM rather than 3–4PM.

Posting videos around 9 PM attract around 34% more interaction.

This is one of the advertising on Instagram tips to get the best out of the Ads.

Tip 10#

Make use of offers and contests in your Ads

Offers and contest are something that really attracts the users.

It is an effective approach to generate interest of the users and make them aware of your brand through advertising.

You can appeal and entice them by offering great offers and discounts.

Such moves will help to increase the engagement of the people in your brand, products, and services.

As an offer, you can provide some free kinds of stuff as a reward to competition winner.

Displaying such information in the Ads will help to grab more customers using the Instagram Ads.

This is another move that can be addressed as the part of advertising on Instagram tips.

The above mentioned are the best tips for advertising on Instagram and make the most out of your Instagram Ads for your business growth.


Nowadays, the usage of social media Ads has become a very common form of advertising.

But if it is done with the right approach and tactics it can easily beat the competition.

Hence, it is really essential to figure out such tips and techniques that can make your Ads stand out.

Using the above-mentioned tips try to cover every important aspect of Instagram.

As a result, you can create result-oriented Instagram Ads which are more inclined to bring the conversions and boost sales figure of the business.

Studying and understanding the above- mentioned advertising on Instagram tips, advertisers can create highly effective Ads.

On the other hand, you can also attract high engagement of the people and create brand awareness.

Author: Dinesh has been doing digital marketing since 2007. Now he manages a team of digital marketers, developers, and project managers. As the CEO of Ads Triangle, Dinesh has helped hundreds of businesses to grow their revenue through digital marketing.



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