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Get Quality Leads From PPC Campaigns: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Do not screw your PPC campaign by simply creating it without putting any brain in it.

We all know that ‘Give and Take’ policy works everywhere.

Even in this context, your PPC campaign needs to be well-optimized in order to acquire the number of leads that you have envisaged.

Creating a PPC campaign might be easy but to drive leads is not that easy.

Do not let your campaign to go worthless if you are investing so much time and money on it.

Make worth of every single penny you have spent by optimizing the PPC well and eradicate every possibility of low-cost leads.

A campaign that is not performing well enough and bringing poor leads can be an alert that something is wrong.

To turn this ‘something wrong’ into right, every element of the campaign needs optimization.

Many times even the small mistakes affect the consistency of the leads, driving it towards less productivity.

Let’s go deeper to dig some important factors that cannot be overlooked at any cost. Most importantly, they will also help you to draft your PPC campaigns that can generate high-quality leads.

The Ultimate Goal of the Campaign Should be Leads maximization

Started a journey but no final destination… Such situations take nowhere.


Creating a PPC campaign without a set goal is somewhat the same situation that will take you nowhere.

Be clear with the whole concept of leads.

This may include the aspects like what are leads, its different types etc. Familiarity with such aspect will help you to make the PPC campaign lead driving.

Let’s have an idea about what is a lead?

When an interested customer clicks on your Ad and tries to connect with you in the concern of your products and services, we can consider it as a lead.

Interested customers or quality leads are the somewhere the same thing. Such leads are always easily convertible and generate good profit for the business.

There are various approaches followed by the advertises to attract the convertible leads.

For example, you can optimize the campaign for newsletter sign-ups, direct phone calls, leads generation form etc.

Tweak the campaign towards lead generation to make the best out of it.

Clarity of goals results in better performance of the Ads.

Effective strategies generally lead to good success ratio.

The most important aspect to make the effective PPC strategy is to opt the right and long tail keywords.

Let’s have a look at the example of long tail keywords.

Right keywords lead to involvement of the right audience into your ads. In order to target the most relevant audience, it is advisable to use highly effective and relevant keywords.

Assist your audience to find you easily. Usage of keywords that are completely relevant is one of the important aspects of a successful campaign.

Important Tips:

“Always spend good time on keyword research”

“Expel high-cost underperforming keywords”

The more specific keyword you use in a campaign, the more conversions you can get from it

Always make sure that the keywords are relevant to the product or services, your business is offering.

Else using the keyword will be of no use.

It will result in irrelevant traffic and hamper the productivity of your PPC campaign.

According to Stats,

70% of the searches are made using the Long tail keywords. The conversion rate of long tail keywords is 2.5 times higher than the generic keywords.

Observing the above statistics, we can say that long tail keywords help to get more leads as they have a high conversion rate.

For more accurate searches people make use of long tail keywords which aids in attracting quality and relevant leads for the business.

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Building a relevancy with the keywords helps to bring the quality and relevant traffic.

But adding the negative keywords in the campaign helps you to filter the traffic.

Negative keywords may be somewhat similar to your focus keywords but they are irrelevant to your Ads.

For example- You are owning a business of home cleaning and provide door-to-door services. Here ‘home cleaning services’ is the appropriate keyword and ‘home cleaning equipment’ may not be the right keyword to attract the customers.

Adding such kind of negative keyword will restrict those users who are searching for home cleaning equipment.

Customizing the campaign with negative keywords increase its effectiveness.

Making the Ad more specific will help to drain out the non-convertible and worthless clicks.

Consequently, the Ads will earn the quality clicks leading to more sales and revenue.

Such keywords make the worth of every single penny you spend on Ads.

As your money will not be spent on any unwanted click.

Expecting a good conversion rate and making your visitors land on an ordinary homepage is not a good idea.

You might be running PPC campaign to get more conversion and not giving weight to the landing page.

This is not the right strategy to get conversions.

Well- designed landing page works as a converter for your Ad.

OK, let’s hold on…

Starting from scratch, let’s have some quick idea about what is landing page.

“Landing page is basically that page where a customer lands after clicking the Ad.

This is the basic step recommended to enhance the productivity of the Ads.

Any disappointment after clicking the Ad results in negative customer behavior.

This is not at all good for the success of the PPC campaigns.

A landing page should always be well-optimized to influence the visitors.

Have a glance at how a good landing page look-alike:

This page acts as the best platform where you can make people aware of the products and services by providing adequate information.

Every Ad is designed with a specific purpose, thus the landing page for each Ad must also be different.

Good landing page assists to convert the visitors into customers in no time.

Then why not invest some potential and money to give a hike to the conversion rate.

Tips to optimize the Landing page

“Always make use of CTA button that encourages the audience to take the positive action.”

“Keep the headline short, simple, clear in a message and most importantly informative.”

“Make sure that Landing page is not taking much time to load.”

“Information displayed on the landing page must exactly the same as available in the Ads.”

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There might be several ads running and competing to grab the customers.

To give a tough competition to the competitors, it’s better to focus on the ad copies.

There must be something catchy in the ads that can drive the users towards your Ad.

For example, The Ads shown below consists of a powerful and catchy word like ‘BEST’ and ‘FREE’. Also, Ad is having a call-to-action approach which is good for customer engagement.

Good Ads generally get good responses and increases the Click Through Rate, leading to quality leads and conversions.

If the customer is getting influenced by your Ad then he will definitely click on it over the others.

Enhance the responsiveness of the ads by adding relevant keywords. This further helps to bring the relevant traffic and leads that are easily convertible.

“Focus on the customer’s benefit while creating Ad copies.”

“Use powerful words that can influence the users easily.”

Quality score is something that cannot be ignored at any cost.

Let’s go a little deeper to understand its importance.

When your score of the quality is good, the cost per click reduces. This will help you earn quality clicks at a low price.

In simple terms, good QUALITY SCORE aids to run the cost-effective campaigns. Hence, it’s better to focus on improving the quality score of the Ad for the ultimate success of the campaign.

Optimize the Ad for Mobiles to Add More Convenience for the People

Moving forward with the motive of leads maximization, it’s important to maximize our audience as well.

There are many ways to target the audience using various platforms.

The most important is the mobile phone. To make the best out of PPC campaigns one must use every platform available.

These days people are more indulged in mobile phones if compared to the desktop or laptop.

Image source- We Are Social

Due to its easy accessibility, the no. of mobile users have also increased very rapidly.

More indulgence of users in mobile increases the visibility of the Ads and open up ways to more leads.

Not only this, mobile search volume always holds the upper hand in comparison to the personal computers.

Hence, nothing can be better than this if the ads are well-optimized for the mobile phones.

With Mobile optimization, it is quite easy to increase the reach of the Advertisements.

Consequently, the Ad can end with more clicks and hot prospects.

The better you serve the customers, the better your campaign will perform.

Every PPC campaign is designed to achieve some results and without testing, it is hard to check the end results.

Consistent monitoring of the results gives you the opportunity to work on the improvement areas at an early stage.

In this manner, you can work to improve the effectiveness of the ads.

With testing, you can easily know which kind of campaign is performing better and generating good revenue.

Testing provides you with a lot of scope of improvement where you can target the weak elements of the ad and make them better.

This will help you to create result-oriented Ads that can attract quality prospects in no time.

Have you ever wondered that what is the impact if the campaigns are run without testing?

The campaigns keep on running with the least productivity and poor quality leads.

Leading to only wastage of money and time as there is no scope of improvement.

Some of the A/B testing tools you can try:





Google Analytics

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Hope for the best but prepare for the least.

Every Ad campaign is created and optimized with a view of doing great in the market.

But you might not be familiar that- on an average 98% of the customers do not get converted in the very first time.

Here comes the remarketing campaign in the picture.

Target the customers again who are already familiar with your brand.

Such users are an easy target to a great extent.

Let’s figure out how remarketing campaign works?

As shown, sometimes visitors visit your website but he leaves it. It can be due to any reason. Remarketing campaign helps to bring these visitors back to your website by displaying your Ad on others website. This helps in increasing the quality leads and surplus as well.

Such campaign provides a second chance to market your services and increase the customer base.

This approach really works to collect the users who might have missed important points in your ads for the first time.

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Every campaign has the ability to attract leads like a magnet but it has to be run in the right way.

If it is well optimized then there is nothing that can lead to its failure.

There are several factors which we have discussed helping in the success of the campaign.

Every factor has its own importance and takes one step closer to increase the Ad effectiveness.

Right strategies and planning are the very basics to make something fruitful.

It is advisable to conduct enough research on keywords to attract the quality leads.

Such leads are easily convertible and result in great profit for the business.

Author: Dinesh Thakur is the CEO of Ads Triangle which is a Google Partner and Bing Accredited Agency. Dinesh has helped hundreds of businesses to grow their revenue through digital marketing.



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