The Four Reasons Why I Lie to You

People-pleasers are liars. I know, because I’m both.

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My ex-husband proposed to me in public a week after we met in person for the first time. In the minutes leading up to it, I knew what he was about to do, and I was conflicted about what I should say. Obviously. Yes, I know….that’s a big red flag. I pushed away the doubts. I fixed my face into a smile. I listened to his…




Sharing our childhood experiences of growing up in families with substance abuse issues and other dysfunctions. We’re here to listen, not judge or give advice. We’re a community of adult children seeking understanding, growth, and healing. Not affiliated with AA/Al-Anon.

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Juliane Bergmann

Juliane Bergmann

I love words and people and “…conversations that it seemed a sin to break off: the ones that made the sacrifice of the following day a trivial one.” — Hitchens

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